SibFU Admits Applicants from 26 Countries

28 August 2019
SibFU Admits Applicants from 26 Countries
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The university announced Intake 2019 results.

Siberian Federal University admitted 244 international applicants to programmes of different levels including 183 people to undergraduate/specialist programmes, 52 to masters programmes and nine to PhD programmes. A majority of the first-years came from CIS countries: Kyrgyzstan (62), Kazakhstan (38), Tajikistan (31) and Uzbekistan (3). Chinese students (39), as usual, made up a large share of the new international students body. Guinean nationals numbering 35 enrolled at SibFU for the first time. Most of them will study Applied Geology and Mining Engineering, two chose Law and another two Economics. Among the admitted students were representatives of Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Egypt, Djibouti, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Gabon, Ghana, Iraq, Vietnam, Mongolia, Yemen, Germany, Greece, Armenia, Ukraine and some other countries.

The most popular fields of study this year were Linguistics, Oil and Gas Business, Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Marketing. The sought-after English medium programmes included Petroleum Chemistry and Refining (MSc), Banking (MSc) etc.

Siberian Federal University, the largest beyond the Urals, is located in Krasnoyarsk. It has many advantages such as a large choice of Russian and English medium programmes (more than 500), low tuition fees (141,018 to 237,900 rubles a year/$2,170 - $3,360) and a modern campus. Find more information about the university here.

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