Summer School on IT Entrepreneurship starts in Kazan

16 August 2021
Summer School on IT Entrepreneurship starts in Kazan

From 15 to 31 August, the International Summer school "IT business - from idea to startup!" will be held at Kazan Technical University. This event will be attended by students from Germany, Chile, Turkey, Vietnam, India, and Russia (Tomsk and Kazan).

Students will study information technology and the basics of IT entrepreneurship, development of an entrepreneurial way of thinking, Russian as a foreign language, oratory, conflict management, and also the ability to work in a team. In particular, participants will have an opportunity to listen to lectures on the practice of designing digital products and services, on neural networks, IT entrepreneurship, and many other subjects.

As part of the training, students will also be able to visit IT companies and industrial enterprises of Tatarstan.

Based on the results of the Summer school, participants will develop design projects that they will defend in front of experts, experienced IT entrepreneurs. The organizers hope that some of these ideas will be implemented in real projects.

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