Tomsk university and China will open a bachelor's program in physics

26 October 2021
Tomsk university and China will open a bachelor's program in physics

Professors of the Physics Faculty of Tomsk State University (TSU) took part in the Russian-Chinese forum on theoretical physics. This event was one of the steps to develop partnership between TSU and Jilin University in China. In 2022, these two universities plan to open a joint educational program for bachelors in theoretical physics.

Jilin University is located in the capital of Manchuria, the largest province in China. The university is the sixth in the country’s ranking, in physics it is among the five best universities in China. Jilin university has about 60 thousand students and almost 6 thousand educators.

“Chinese students are very talented and motivated. Their success in mastering complex courses in theoretical physics and the high level of the studied disciplines did not go unnoticed at their home university, so in 2019 the deputy deans of the Physics Faculty of Jilin University came to Tomsk to get acquainted with us and our program”, - says Semyon Lyakhovich, head of the Department of Quantum Field Theory in TSU.

It is planned that the new joint educational program of TSU and Jilin University will be based on the "2+2" principle. That means that Chinese students will come to study at Tomsk State University in their third and fourth academic year.

Source: TSU News Service

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