TPU Russian Language Winter School Invitation

22 October 2019
TPU Russian Language Winter School Invitation

The university is launching several linguistic courses of different levels.

On 13 - 31 January 2020, Tomsk will host a winter school for international students who are interested in the Russian language and culture. National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University offers several programmes of different proficiency levels. A group for beginners will learn the Russian alphabet and basic vocabulary to be able to understand simple texts. The A1 - A2 group is for those who can speak Russian a little. Students will be able to understand basic everyday speech, carry on conversations on daily topics and tell about themselves and their family. The Level B1 - B2 group will focus on politics, economy and culture. To learn the required vocabulary, students will read Russian newspapers and magazines, see films and TV programmes and share their impressions. They can opt to prepare for the international TRKI exam, pass it and get a state certificate.

School participants are offered an interesting cultural programme. They will visit the TPU History Museum, the Siberian Botanical Garden, the First Slavic Mythology Museum, the Extreme Park, the Okolitsa Park displaying ancient architecture masterpieces and a Russian sauna. They will play Erudite and Mafia games, take part in a quest, and learn to perform Russian folk songs and dances.

Tuition fee: 30,000 rubles ($460), application fee: 75 euros. Students pay some 6,000 rubles/$90 extra for sightseeing tours. Application deadline: 10 November for residents of the countries who require a visa to enter Russia; 31 December, 2019, for foreign nationals who do not require a visa.

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