TSU online course gains immense popularity around the world

07 October 2020
TSU online course gains immense popularity around the world
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An open online course from TSU has become one of the most popular in the world.

The programme proved to be incredibly popular and received over 125,000 positive reviews from students over the world. Such success led the course to enter the top 20 in The Best Online Courses Of All Time ranking from the English search engine for free online courses – Class Central.

Presentation Skills is a massive open online course (MOOC) from Tomsk State University. It shows how to create presentations of any complexity for education and business purposes and will benefit the widest audience. Earlier this year, the programme was also ranked among the top 5 courses on presentation skills in the world, according to the Vogue India ranking, the only one from Russia.

Participants of Presentation Skills course gain extensive experience in developing an engaging and convincing presentation script, learn the slide design complexities and discover how to best present the result to an audience. In our age, these really are invaluable skills for both students and professionals. The final stage of the course is the Capstone project. Students prepare their own presentations from scratch and present them to class.

Tomsk State University is a recognised leader in short-term online programs production industry in the country. About 90 courses have been launched already on the most popular platforms, both international and local: Coursera, Stepik, Lectorium, etc. And after two decades the TSU courses gained popularity with a whole lot of people: about 800,000 participants over the past 5 years and 300,000 people in 2020 only.

A top place in the rating of The Best Online Courses Of All Time is not the first achievement of TSU e-learning products. In July, the Career Planning: Resume / CV, Cover Letter, Interview course was also included in the 20 most popular MOOCs in the world, according to the Class Central portal.

It's all about a balanced blend of well-presented material, the relevance of the topics and quality of teaching. So no surprise that 74 TSU online courses were recommended by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation among 700 distance learning programs for students during the pandemic. TSU gave out free access and helped universities from Russia and other countries to cope with the new academic normal. In the spring of 2020, more than 40 different educational institutions took part in this cooperation program.

In addition to short-term courses, the university offers international applicants and primary high education programs in a variety of fields. To become a student at TSU, just register on our website and choose one of the numerous exciting professions.
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