UrFU Launches New Double Degree Programmes

22 May 2018
UrFU Launches New Double Degree Programmes
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Four engineering programmes will be implemented in collaboration with a Chinese university.

In 2018, Ural Federal University and North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power launched four new double degree engineering programmes: Thermal Power Engineering and Heat Power Engineering (bachelor’s degree), Geodesy and Remote Sensing (bachelor’s degree), Water Supply and Sewerage (bachelor’s degree), and Architecture (specialist’s degree). Classes start at the NCWU where students will study profession-oriented disciplines for two years and learn Russian under the guidance of UrFU Preparatory Department teachers. Then they take an internship in China. The rest of the course will run at UrFU, Russia. After completing studies, students will defend their qualifying paper at both universities to obtain two degrees. Three hundred students from China will be admitted to the first course in September 2018. The first joint programme of the Russian and Chinese universities – Civil Engineering – has been implemented since 2016; at present it has 135 Chinese trainees.

Located in Yekaterinburg, Ural Federal University is a leading Russian higher education provider in the fields of power engineering, materials science, IT, chemical technologies, mathematics, mechanics, fundamental medicine etc.

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