This Olympaid is organized by the University every year. Everyone who studies Russian language either on their own or in frames of professional and additional programs are welcome to become partakers of the contest. All Olympiad winners will receive an opportunity to study during one semester in frames of their chosen educational program.
Russian Language competition «Russian dictation»
The contest is conducted annually by IKBFU and takes place at foreign universities. Nearly 1000 people annually become participants. It has turned into a truly "linguistic event" created to prove Russian language capacity as well as the quality of education in Russian language.
International academic Olympaid for the entrants into Master programmes “Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project”
Selection procedure: application forms will be considered in the period between 1st December and 30th December 2017. The final stage: online test, from 25th January 2018 to 5th February 2018
The first international academic Olympiad for entrants into Master study programmes. Foreign citizens and also compatriots permanently residing abroad have the right to partake in the competition. Graduates or Bachelor students who are to obtain Bachelor degree in year 2018 are eligible for participation. The winners of the academic olympaid will have the chance to be enrolled into Master study programme with no entrance examinations required. Moreover, they will be able to study in Russia free of charge (at the expense of federal funds).