Support of International Students

Applicants wishing to enroll in degree programs should first contact the Application Office, which can answer any questions relating to the application process (required documents and grades for acceptance, tuition, etc.), accept applications, and issue enrollment orders. Upon your acceptance to Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, you may apply for a dormitory room. The Student Management Office will help students with this. They find places in the dormitory located next to the academic building for foreign students. In addition, the Student Management Office coordinates various student and social projects, initiatives by young people, and the activities of student and volunteer organizations at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

The International Relations and Protocol Office issues invitations for visas, handles your registration at the place of residence, and helps with applying for visa extension and adjusting to life at the university and in the city.

At the beginning of each semester, the International Relations and Protocol Office arranges an Orientation Week for international students. Orientation Week lasts for 5 days and includes visits to all study buildings, a tour around the city, basics of the Russian culture and language and migration laws, and meetings with other international students, the tutoring team, and the International Relations and Protocol Office staff. Orientation Week is structured in a game-like and interactive format that helps students gain the basic knowledge that is required to live in Russia.

The university has established a tutorship where senior students help newly enrolled international students with adaptation. Each academic group of international students will be assigned a tutor to supervise the group. Tutors help new students with the following:

  1. Tell them how to get to the university from the airport/railway station, how to get a place in a dormitory, what documents are needed to register with the migration authorities, etc.
  2. Help them get acquainted with the city and the university.
  3. Help them socialize (inviting them to participate in university and city events and meetings with international students and their tutors).

International students will receive booklets of the university, city maps, and other information materials.

The International Relations and Protocol Office of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University provides our graduates with a European-type Diploma Supplement in which all credits are recorded. Diploma Supplements are issued in English upon issuance of general Diploma Certificates. The Diploma Supplement officially confirms a qualification awarded and may be submitted to a foreign university as part of an application to a post-graduate program.

Upon completion of an exchange program, students who have studied at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University for 1 or 2 semesters will be issued a Transcript of Records. The Transcript of Records contains information in English on all courses taken, credits earned, and final grades.

Everyday Life of International Students

International students live together with Russian students in two- or three-bed rooms at recently remodeled dormitories near the academic buildings. Each dormitory offers free Internet access. Master’s Program students reside in the new dormitory built in 2015. It consists of comfortable one-room three-bed apartments complete with a bathroom, kitchen, and entrance hall. The residents are provided with bedding and basic kitchenware. Students can use the university pool, gym, and the Clinic Diagnostic Center.

Leisure and Sport Events

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University offers its students a wide range of intense, active, and interesting leisure activities. The university has many sports and culture clubs, holds large-scale sports events (in particular, at the new stadium - Arena Kantiana), shows (including comedy performances), concerts, and workshops.

We have over 20 sports clubs (hand-to-hand fighting, combat sambo; cheerleading; jogging; fitness yoga; kettlebell lifting; freestyle wrestling; kendo; arm wrestling; basketball; calisthenics; gymnastics and acrobatics; swimming; water aerobics; biking; triathlon; rowing; beach tennis; volleyball; badminton; and ping pong) and regularly hold various sports competitions (beach rugby; beach volleyball; Baltic semi-marathon; arm wrestling; biking; volleyball; basketball; badminton; hand-to-hand fighting; a regional fitness festival; a regional 2х2 soccer contest; parkour season; darts; Nordic walking; One Wave celebration; Spartakiad; and championships in shooting and rowing).

Also, students may join the Astronomy Society, the university’s volunteer organization, or the students' working team; try out at KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive) or the Theater Club, or learn foreign languages at the Lingvo Club.

Other events that are popular among students include: BiblioNight, the Prikosnovenie Open Kaliningrad Festival of Student Theaters, the Foreign Languages Festival, the Intellectual Picnic, and more.

Employment of International Graduates

Since 2010, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University has run the Alumni and Student Employment Center. It focuses of the following:  

  • To facilitate the employment of young professionals, Baltic Federal University has set up the Electronic Employment Bureau at which students may learn about the labor market, potential employers, and required knowledge and skills.
  • For the entire academic year, the Employment Center assists our students and alumni (consults in employment issues and assists in searching for vacancies, writing resumes, etc.)
  • Each year the university conducts employment fairs, round tables, career days, meetings with employers, career forums, etc.

Many international students and alumni have found jobs with international companies and other entities – foreign universities, airlines, tour operators, and recreation agencies.