Support of International Students

The MIPT International Education Centre and International Students’ Office are responsible for providing support and guidance to international students.

Everyday Life of International Students

The MIPT campus is located in Dolgoprudny (20 minutes travel from the centre of Moscow by electric train). All students are accommodated in the dormitory located two minutes from lecture halls and laboratories.

Located on the student campus, the dormitory is a modern complex with all the necessary conveniences for students. Facilities are fully equipped for study, relaxation, fitness and sport.

The dormitory has Internet access.

Cost of housing is 1000-1200 rubles per month (17-21 US dollars) depending on the type of room.

There is a health clinic on campus

A university health resort is located on the shore of Pestovo Reservoir

Leisure and Sport Events

  1. Sports infrastructure:

    • stadium;
    • 3 sports buildings;
    • swimming pool;
    • tennis courts;
    • basketball and volleyball courts.

    Gyms are fully equipped and marked for lessons in mini football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, ping pong and other sports.

    In winter, ice rinks are set up on the athletic fields, and there is a ski trail in the adjacent forest. Skate and ski rentals are available.

  2. Sports teams and clubs

  3. The chess club, mountain club, yachting club, Barrier caving club, Phystech-Dive underwater club, boxing club and martial arts clubs are very popular among MIPT students.

  4. Sporting events

  5. The biggest event in the sporting calendar of MIPT is the Matches of the Century football tournament held between departments every spring. The matches last for 24 hours without a break, the number of substitutions is unlimited, the teams include students and graduates of the university from various years and from all over the world, from San Francisco to Vladivostok.

  6. Cultural entertainment

  7. Student festivals, concerts, and performances by dozens of creative clubs and associations of the university take place in the MIPT concert hall and in campus clubs.

    Art and photo exhibitions take place in the halls of educational buildings and dormitories.

    Traditional events that have become an integral part of the university's cultural life take place in Phystech annually. Everything starts in September with a traditional "Potato Concert" in honour of and for first-year students of MIPT.

    It is followed by a sequence of department matriculations supported by the performances of STPM (Student Theatre of Pop Miniatures). In parallel, a season of Wit and Humour Club opens. At the end of November, a large concert programme is prepared for the MIPT birthday. In spring at Phystech, the sports festival "Night 1001" is held (third year students celebrate the "equator" - half of their term of studies at the university), as well as the"MIPT Physicist Days".

    Since 2013, the Arts Festival at Phystech has been held.