College of Basic Professional Studies

Students of the College of Basic Professional Studies are offered studies in the exact sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Theoretical mechanics), and in humanities and social sciences (History, Philosophy, Russian and Foreign Languages).

Our students are given an opportunity both for a full-time education and distance learning, most of our courses are available online.

The College trains professional teachers, qualified linguists and interpreters, supports international students to learn Russian language, and trains experts with the opportunity to continue their education in exact sciences.

College of Economics & Industrial Management

The College is aimed at training professionals in a various fields of management, marketing, and organization of industrial enterprise management.

During the studies our students do the practical training in the leading Russian companies, firms and organizations, actively participate in applied theoretical and scientific researches. While solving the offered business cases our students face the real problems of the companies and that allows them to analyze the occasions and suggest ways for the further successful development of the enterprises.

The College students actively take part in applied scientific and theoretical research, analyze price formation, maintain accounting records both in frame of the university`s program and actual practice in enterprises. The College alumni receive world-class education which allows them to get job in the leading Russian and international companies with the staffing requirements in business processes and management systems.

College of Environmentally Sound Technologies & Engineering

The College is aimed at training specialists in such fields as production of innovative and environmentally friendly processes of alloys, metals and composite materials with advanced properties.

The College also schools students in the fields of certification and quality control of industrial products. Our students participate in business cases and solve current business problems.

During studies students explore developments and cutting-edge technologies, form new materials in labs, as well as conduct their own theoretical researches and solve applied problems in the field of metallurgy. The best projects can be implemented in the innovative Russian and global enterprises.

After the graduation our alumni work in the leading Russian and global enterprises, and research institutes. Our best students can continue their education in the Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany), and the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine (France) with double degree program.

College of Information Business Systems

The College is aimed at training specialists with high expertise in IT and provides first-class instruction. Our alumni can solve problems in the development, design and implementation of new management information systems for the Government and business.

Throughout the studies our students take part in various scientific research and development, as well as learn from the leading experts and trainers in the field of IT, from both subject and project activities.

College of IT & Automated Control Systems

The College of IT & Automated Control Systems is aimed at training professionals in social and economic production systems fields. Our students can examine text-based and numeric data in enterprises, and visualize the state of complex manufacturing systems. During the studies students repeatedly train on machines and specially designed training systems to develop their professional qualification, and their expertise in specialized fields.

The College alumni successfully apply their theoretical knowledge in public administration system, business, and science.

College of Lifelong Learning (INOBR)
The strategic goal of the College is to train experts with higher education. The tutor plays a significant role in the learning process. The final thesis is written led by the tutor.
Most of the materials are available online, students should attend the university just to sit exams, deliver laboratory works and take tests. The College specialists work in compliance with the needs, objectives and demands of the specific business providing the professional development programs.
College of Mining

The College of Mining is aimed at training specialists for the technological support of machinery production and professionals in the field of mining, oil and gas production. Our students actively participate in the university`s scientific works, take part in various Olympiads, receive patents, and do internships not only in industrial enterprises, but in other Russian scientific institutions as well. The College graduates work in the largest gas and oil companies, as well as have the expertise to work both in the construction and military organizations, and in the government agencies. The College of Mining consists of 16 departments, as well as provides the opportunity of retraining and correspondence courses.

College of New Materials & Nanotechnology

The College is aimed at training specialists in the field of materials science. Our specialists are that qualified to work in the Russian strategic specialization areas, as well as in the fields of super hard materials, alloys, metals, and nano- and biomaterials.

Today the College comprises eight departments. All students of the College of New Materials & Nanotechnology have an opportunity to carry out their research works in modern laboratories and research and development centers supplied with contemporary, advanced technologies and, moreover the world-renowned scientists and professors collaborate with us and head students` researches.

After receiving Bachelor`s or Master`s degrees especially talented students are given an opportunity to continue their studies in the several international institutions including Freiberg Mining Academy and Rhenish-Westphalian Technical University in Germany, the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine in France, the University of Northern Iowa (the USA), the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) within the joint degree initiatives.

The College alumni are greatly sought after by the largest Russian and international industrial enterprises.

College of Quality Assurance in Higher Education

IKVO provides lifelong learning, including training of both – teaching staff and managers of vocational education in Russia. The IKVO College students implement the best practices of the Russian and international educational programs learnt from the field`s top experts. 

During the studies students are offered to attend various programs and workshops aimed at training and developing professional skills in the field of education.

Innovative and unique knowledge in pedagogy opening new approaches to both scientific and functional research and analyses, and development of recommendations and test for the entire Russian higher education system are used.