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Năm thành lập: 1960

Tổng số sinh viên: 33 024 / Sinh viên nước ngoài: 9 263

Khoa: 17 / Tổ bộ môn: 162

Giáo viên: 2 799

Giáo sư216 Bác sĩ646 Bác sĩ khoa học581 Tiến sĩ1 396 Giáo viên nước ngoài197

Chương trình học cơ bản cho người nước ngoài: 480

Bằng cử nhân76 Bằng thạc sĩ166 Bằng Đại Học 7 Đào tạo nhân viên với trình độ cao nhất231

Chương trình học bổ sung cho người nước ngoài: 312

Học tiếng nga như ngôn ngữ nước ngoài 44 Chương trình học tóm tắt 54 Các chương trình học khác 214
  • Patents for inventions, utility models, industrial prototypes, selection achievements (including patents of the US, Japan, the CIS countries): 393
  • Certificates of the Russian Federation for the programmes and databases: 339
  • Scientific discoveries: 1
  • The number of multiple access centers, equipped with modern equipment, and conducting scientific research in physics, chemistry, engineering design, nano- and biotechnology, medicine and pharmacy: 3
  • Scientific and university laboratories: more than 200
  • Scientific and educational centers: more than 40
  • The number of foreign students trained in the 2018/2019 academic year: more than 6500

RUDN University is a multidisciplinary university, uniting more than 33 thousand undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, residents and interns from 157 countries. Multinationality is one of the main features of the university. The multi-level system of higher education (bachelor's, master's, post-graduate (PhD programs) and residency) at 5 faculties, 11 institutes and 1 academy provide students with opportunities for quality education.

RUDN University has more than 150 educational programs with leading foreign universities. In the academic year 2018/2019, there were 102 double degree programs, including 56 programs within the CIS Network University and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University and 46 bilateral cooperation programs with partner universities from the UK, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China and France.

More than 50 study programs in partnership with the Free University of Brussels (Belgium), Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), the University of Cadiz (Spain), the University of Palermo (Italy), the University of Siena (Italy), the University of Xi'an (China), the Catholic University of Lille ( France) and Hankuk University of Foreign Languages ​​(South Korea).

In 2018, more than 800 students took part in academic exchange programs with leading foreign universities. All students can get an additional diploma of translator choosing from 12 foreign languages. By analogy with the European credit system (ECTS), based on the results of studies, a graduate of RUDN University gets a European supplement to the diploma of higher education.

The university has traditionally strong scientific schools in the following areas: mathematics, physics, medicine, chemistry and foreign languages. RUDN University conducts research in the field of medical microbiology, pharmacy, fine chemistry, green infrastructure, remote sensing of the Earth, quality control of medicines and engineering technologies. 

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