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Năm thành lập: 1943

Tổng số sinh viên: 27 000 / Sinh viên nước ngoài: 2 000

Khoa: 11 / Tổ bộ môn: 89

Giáo viên: 1 150

Giáo sư260 Bác sĩ1 100 Bác sĩ khoa học349 Tiến sĩ1 175

Chương trình học cơ bản cho người nước ngoài: 156

Bằng cử nhân68 Bằng thạc sĩ56 Bằng Đại Học 8 Đào tạo nhân viên với trình độ cao nhất24

Chương trình học bổ sung cho người nước ngoài: 12

Chường trình học dự bị 4 Học tiếng nga như ngôn ngữ nước ngoài 4 Chương trình học tóm tắt 2 Các chương trình học khác 2

Hình thức học

  • Distance learning
  • Extramural
  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • World-class Laboratories: 12
  • Research Institutes: 5
  • Research Centers: 33

With more than 70 years of history, SUSU has earned its well-deserved prestigious reputation in the region. Today SUSU has more than 40,000 students in Bachelor's, Master's, and Postgraduate Programs, including 2,000 foreign nationals from 37 countries. More than 3,000 lecturers are responsible for the quality of the educational process. Its location in the heart of Eurasia, at the crossroads of major trade and cultural routes, along with its welcoming multicultural environment, an astonishing combination of developed industry and unique natural beauty make our university the perfect place to study, make new discoveries, and develop international cooperation.

Today the university includes 32 departments and institutes, 7 world-class laboratories and 33 research centers. Leading areas of research such as aerospace science, engineering, and supercomputer technologies bolster the university’s leading position in the international research market.

International cooperation plays an important role in the strategic development of the university. Every year, SUSU is visited by foreign professors, lecturers, and researchers, who come to share knowledge and experience. The alumni of SUSU number more than 240,000 people. The vast majority of them have jobs related to their university major at some of the largest Russian and foreign companies. A high level of research and scientific achievements as well as a consistently stable performance in terms of the quality of education help the university to maintain its leading positions not only in national (Interfax - 62, ExpertRA - 42), but also in global rankings (QS-BRICS - 151-200, RankPro - 412).

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