The South Ural State University brand, one of the best known in the region, is well deserved. Central Chelyabinsk accommodates a huge campus with dedicated infrastructure (laboratories, research centres, lecture halls, dormitories) and unique cultural and social life.

SUSU students achieve good results in training and research. University representatives are consistently listed as participants in international contests and conferences. SUSU laboratories run breakthrough IT, engineering and mechanical engineering projects.

The SUSU scientific library is open to students every day; it is a true treasure of knowledge which stores more than three million publications including unique 19th and 20th century books in all fields of study. Aside fr om printed scientific, fiction or reference literature, the library has terabytes of electronic data.

The university has dozens of extracurricular clubs, for example a dancing group and a leadership school. You certainly won’t feel bored if you join the music, photography, standup show, tourism or any other club. The university prides itself on the sport complex with an Olympic-size swimming pool, a workout room, a fitness centre and a tennis court.

An ever bustling and crowded university campus has quiet corners for everybody to read a book or drink a coffee. The university has a winter garden, a fountain and many student lounges. SUSU is located next to the city pine grove and the Gagarin Park wh ere students can go in for sports or prepare for lectures; the key places of interests are within a ten-minute walk from the campus.