Student Successes

Among UNN graduates are many outstanding figures of science, culture and other spheres.

Famous Graduates

Valery Fokin Valery Fokin is the best chemist of the decade (according to Thompson Reuters), and alumnus of the Faculty of Chemistry of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod. Prof. Fokin was the first to discover the Azide-alkyne cycloaddition reaction in water by ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and its salts. Currently, Valery Fokin is involved in the research of “click-chemistry” – a type of chemical synthesis that allows generating substances quickly, “in a click” and almost without any waste products. In 2014 Thompson Reuters included Valery Fokin into its annual list of potential recipients of the Nobel Prize.
Yaroslav Sergeev Yaroslav Sergeyev, Distinguished Professor and Head of Numerical Calculus Laboratory at the University of Calabria, Italy, Professor of the Department of Computer Software at the Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics of Lobachevsky University . In 2010 Prof. Yaroslav Sergeyev was awarded Pythagoras International Prize in Mathematics for his studies of infinitesimal quantities.
Alexander Sokurov Alexander Sokurov is a Russian filmmaker. His most significant works include a feature film, Russian Ark (2002), filmed in a single unedited shot, and Faust (2011), which was honoured with the Golden Lion, the highest prize for the best film at the Venice Film Festival.
Mikhail Seslavinsky Mikhail Seslavinsky is a Russian public official, researcher in book culture, and a bibliophile. Since 2004, he has headed the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.
Yelena Posevina Yelena Posevina is a Russian rhythmic gymnast. She is a two-time Olympic champion, World and European champion.
Boris Nemtsov Boris Nemtsov was a Russian opposition politician, first governor of the Nizhny Novgorod, former Deputy Prime Minister.
Zakhar Prilepin Zakhar Prilepin is a modern Russian writer, and a political activist.
Alexander Litvak Head of the Institute of Applied Physics of the RAS. Academician. The author of the theory of electron cyclotron plasma heating by electromagnetic radiation, as well as many scientific papers with over 1500 citations.
Lyubov Glebova Head of Rossotrudnichestvo