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Bakhramov Akbar Uktam Ugli, Uzbekistan

South Ural State University

I felt really comfortable to study and live in Russia

I entered the South Ural State University, the faculty of computer technology, control and radio electronics (instrumentation engineering) in 2011 and graduated in 2015. When I came to know that I’d entered the university, I was a bit afraid, it was a different country, different people, but when I came to Russia, I understood that it was what I wanted. There are highly competent people working at SUSU and I’m grateful to them for it. I’m also grateful to SUSU for warm welcome, and the studentship that I will remember for my whole life. Thanks to SUSU now I have got a lot of friends from different countries. It is said that «there is no place like home», but I felt really comfortable to study and live in Russia. I would also like to say many thanks to all university staff for helping the international students.



Bikram Baruti

"Study here is fascinating, but there is a lot of interesting things besides lectures"

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Al Alawin Hamdi

"I had internship at an operating nuclear power plant"

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Paramita Pal

"In Russia, I have got knowledge and great experience"

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Ye Htun

"I like Moscow and I'm enjoying my studies"

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Zhanat Erkinbekova

"I want to continue my study in Russia that's why I’m thinking about pursuing postgraduate studies "

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Lamatsch Horn
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
RUDN University

"Study in Russia will help me to make career in the automotive industry"

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David De Vacas
Samara University

"I desired to become a cosmonaut, and now I am a student of aircraft engineering"

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Dong Zhenwei

"There is no time to be bored in Tomsk"

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