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Education for Foreigners in Russia

5 Steps to Applying to a Russian University


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Study in English

You can study in Russia without knowing Russian language. The studies are in English.

Learning Russian

Learning Russian from scratch: where and how.


Conditions in which students live in Russia.

Work for students

How an international student can find employment legally.

Medical Education in Russia

How to apply, what is the tuition fee.

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Kalidu Guisse, RUDN University

“I feel safer in Russia than in my home country”.

Far Eastern Federal University

We have best campus in Russia.

Higher School of Economics

The most advanced Russian university.

Ural Federal University

Educating international students for 60 years.

Tips for Mongolian Residents

Russian university enrolment advices.

Advices for Vietnamese Students

How to apply to Russian university.

Information for Indian applicants

How to enter a Russian university.

Engineering education for foreigners

Tips for international applicants.

Official website about higher education in Russia for foreigners

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