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Adaptation programmes for international students in Russia

Adaptation programmes for international students in Russia

Russian universities become more popular among foreign citizens. Educational organizations lead special adaptation programmes, webinars, online open days and various short-term courses to make a move to a new country easier. These initiatives help students from abroad quickly get used to new conditions, find friends and join the educational process. In this piece, we discuss how students from other countries can get settled in Russia.

The University of Tyumen is a rapidly developing educational centre with a long history. For foreigners, there is an entire system of introduction, support and adaptation. Each student is assigned a tutor who meets them, helps them settle in the dorm and the city. At the beginning of each academic year, there are special events: students learn about Tyumen, the university and the educational process. Throughout their studies, international students are actively involved in intercultural projects and sports and entertainment functions: forums, relay races, quests, creative contests and festivals.

HSE University runs a complex adaptation system. In the first days of study, an orientation session is held for first-years. They learn the details of visa and immigration rules, get complete information about campuses and hostels. The HSE Buddies student organization hosts many activities, meetings and trips highly important for newcomers. They also help to sort out the papers and, if necessary, meet the freshmen upon arrival. The HSE also has a 24-hour psychological hotline, philanthropic organizations and the Career Development Center.

ITMO University is one of the most technologically advanced educational centres in Russia, popular among foreigners. The Institute for International Development and Partnerships and the International Students Training Center help first-years via Buddy System format. The staff solve issues related to relocation and paperwork, help with accommodation in the dorms, organize various entertainment events and tours. Also, the ITMO has released a mini-guide with everyday life hacks.

ITMO University
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RUDN University is a centre of attraction for international students and really is a city within a city. Since its foundation in 1960, RUDN has maintained an atmosphere of internationality and tolerance. It's the first Russian higher education organisation to switch to the Bologna system of education and introduce the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). It allowed students to continue their studies abroad, including via exchange programmes. The University has a Center for Adaptation of Foreign Citizens, a psychological support office and tutors. They accompany students in solving any issue and help to choose courses. In addition to studies, sports activities life is a great part of RUDN life. Students have access to many optional classes – martial arts to chess. The university is also known for its festivals, conferences, competitions, international holidays and culture weeks.

At the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI, applicants from different countries come in every year. At LETI, scientific and educational activities and dynamic student life have a strong connection. Meetings, games, holidays and quizzes are regular here, including online events for those who cannot yet come to Russia due to quarantine restrictions. LETI staff tries to solve all questions from international students on an individual basis. They are determined to help them quickly adapt to new conditions, as well as finding a job through a university employment centre.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is the oldest technical university in Russia with strong teaching staff. More than 7,500 foreign citizens study here, and tutors are there to help all of them. The tutoring staff meets newcomers and introduce them to the city and the campus. There are always many events at the Polytech: festivals, holidays and sports competitions. And an active student life that includes teams, clubs, councils, a cultural and educational centre and even its culinary studio.


Siberian Federal University offers students a variety of diverse profiles. There is a department for social and cultural adaptation of foreign citizens and their Buddy Program project. Mentors help newcomers familiarise themselves with the new environment and the educational process, inform them about important events and invite them to sports and entertainment events. SibFU has also recently launched a new Sibir.ru project, which tells about the peculiarities of the Russian language and culture of the region.

At the Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, function the Center for the Adaptation of Foreign Citizens and the Buddy Program. Students get help with accommodation in dorms and their paperwork, they are introduced to the city, invited to tours and holidays. There are more than 20 student associations within UrFU, including the Case Club. It's an educational platform that helps students develop their analytical and soft skills and gain experience in the project-based workflow.

Moving and studying in a new country is a unique experience. You will not be alone – mentors from leading Russian universities will help you. Use the search on our website and choose from 4000+ educational programmes of various profiles and directions. Register an account and apply right now for free.