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Applying to Russian Medical University

Applying to Russian Medical University

Some 70 Russian medical universities currently offer programmes to international students. Before entering a Russian medical university, explore different levels of medical education.

  • Bachelor’s degree can be obtained in Nursing Care; length of study is four years.

  • Specialist’s degree takes five years to complete; the available focus areas are dentistry, pharmacy, clinical psychology; length of study for narrow specialties is six to nine years.

  • Narrow specialty doctors (gastroenterologists, orthodontists etc) require two to four years of internship.

  • Postgraduate study, as a possible alternative for internship can last three years full-time or part time (depending on the university); PhD thesis defence is required upon course completion.

Why We Recommend a Russian University:

  • Specialists with a medical degree from Russian university have successful careers in more than 100 countries.

  • Russia has medical universities in many regions; choose the location which is most convenient to you.

  • Russia trains specialists in all fields of medicine, from general practice to geriatrics, radiation therapy etc.

  • Prospective students with insufficient Russian language skills can be admitted to the Preparatory Department. Length of study is one year. The student can continue their education in the profession they have chosen only if they have passed the Preparatory Department’s final examinations.

  • Russian universities offer all programmes as well as postgraduate medical education to those wishing to engage in research or defend a PhD thesis.

  • International students can sign a study contract or apply for Russian budget-funded scholarship. In the former case, you can pay with your own money or use the financial assistance of sponsors, grant providers, funds etc.

Admission Procedure

Foreign nationals can apply for bachelor’s or specialist’s programmes at a Russian university right after leaving school. They can take an intensive preparatory course before entering a Russian university in order to enhance their knowledge of Russian and profession-oriented subjects.

Applying to Russian Medical University

Applicants are required to send an enquiry and the following documents (check the list with the university you have chosen).

  • A copy of secondary education certificate listing the subjects and the grades and its Russian translation.

  • A copy of identification document.

  • A filled-out questionnaire form provided by the university and photos (if required).

See details.

After selecting the payment option you have to:

  • submit your application documents; only full-time medical education is available;

  • pass entrance examinations (biology, chemistry etc), the Unified State Exam (if you wish to study on equal terms with Russian students);

  • visit the university website to find out if you have been admitted;

  • wait for admission confirmation which you require in order to obtain your student visa.

As a rule, prospective students fill out an application stating the profession they have chosen and attach photos and

  • the document of identification and citizenship (the original and its notarised copy).

  • the original of the education certificate and its notarised copy.

  • a certificate that includes negative HIV test results or a medical certificate that can be issued in Russia or in your native country.

After you successfully pass all the enrolment stages, you join Russia’s student community. Study in Russia is an opportunity to become a highly-skilled medic and work in your specialty in Russia or elsewhere.

Study in Russia website presents all programmes in clinical medicine and other medical science fields.

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