Russian Bachelor’s Programmes

Russian Bachelor’s Programmes

Bachelor’s degree is the initial stage in the higher education system. Educational period is 4 years, all international applicants can enroll Russian university with certain as citizens’ rights.

Apply for Bachelor’s degree arrange as a competitive selection (exams). For working abroad Russian Bachelor’s diploma have to be legalized. Legalization include several steps which you can pass after graduate. Take more information here.

Bachelor’s Programmes

Russian universities offer a lot of Bachelor’s programmes by different directions. You are free to choose technical, humanitarian or natural science profile with such directions as nanotechnologies, mathematics and sciences, linguistics and literature, general and high-specialized mechanical engineering, agriculture and many more. Educational foundation have their own programmes under these fields, so you’re free to choose where to study.

How to Make a Choice

Here is some tips:

  • You can study for free or on the tuition-basis in any region of Russia if you pass competitive selection;
  • After Bachelor’s, applicant can study for Master’s and then Postgraduate degree at any state university too. There is no need to continue study where you have complete first stage, you’re free to choose new city and new university with direction you like.
  • You can study in English or in Russian. For natives language certificates might be no need, specify it before apply. You can do it with creating personal account, here is possibility to e-mail universities directly.

All programmes list is here. You can specify tuition fee and study in Russia courses info by clicking Programme details.

More Information

Legalisation of Diploma

How to submit documents and get a foreign degree recognised.

Healthcare in Russia

How to arrange student health insurance.

Russian Universities in World University Rankings

Leading Russian Universities are always in the global educational rankings.

Preparatory Courses

To get Bachelor’s degree in Russian language, you may take Preparatory courses first. Preparatory courses are available in all major universities. They include intensive language classes and needed directions training. If you going to be a doctor you can choose natural science pre-educational courses, for humanitarian – take classes with history, literature and language, for IT, architecture, machinery – math and physics etc. Courses duration is up to 2 years, they focused on refresh and systematize you knowledge, intensive study Russian, Russian education system and enroll requirements introduction.

Need to Know

Here you will find detailed application guide 5 Steps to Applying to a Russian University. Firstly, you should choose educational programme and the university (you can use our search engine to do that). Remember that all educational institutions have fee-based programmes, prices more available than in Europe and USA. To find out about other steps to apply to Russian Bachelor’s programmes, please follow the link.


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