Guide to Applying for a Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Russia

Guide to Applying for a Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Russia

Bachelor’s admissions in Russia is the first step of the Bologna system of higher education, which is valid in Russia. Find out how to apply.

School or college graduates can enroll on a Bachelor’s degree trough competitive selection (exams). Russian Bachelor’s diploma confirms to the international standards and is given after 4-years study at the university. After that you can get a job or study for the Master’s degree broaden your theoretical and scientific base on profile specialty. Our website allows to choose the undergraduate admissions in Russia and to send an application to Russian university. The registration is free of charge. Fill the form and you will get a confirmation with an active link to account confirmation.

The next step is filling up a questionnaire which specifies your personal data, education level, your language skills. Your request is being sent to the chosen university directly, it is free of charge as well. For more details about how to apply for a bachelor's programme in Russia, please, read our guide here.

Short Instructions

There is the documents list that applicant provides personally:

  • Admission application stating your specialty and the study form;
  • ID or passport;
  • Education certificate;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Photographs (in accordance with the requirements of a particular institution).

Notarized translations shall be attached to the copies and the originals. You can specify the document list at the university of your choice.

The education certificate has to be legalized in the country of issuance and have a special stamp. The legalization procedure is not required if there is an agreement on its cancellation between the Russian Federation and the country of issuance. You can find out the list of such countries here.

Work for students

How an international student can find employment legally.

Medical Education in Russia

How to apply, what is the tuition fee.

Competitive Selection

Bachelor’s programme admissions in Russia are based on competition. The following competitions are available:

  • USE (Unified State Examination);
  • Entrance exams (oral or written) in accordance with a chosen specialty.

Several universities conduct entrance tests for foreigners (duration and terms depends on the university).

Preferences for Foreign Applicants

In some Russian universities International academic competitions (Academic Olympics) winners can apply for Bachelor’s admission without entrance exams. In other you can get additional points to your test results. More information here.

Some benefits can also be granted to the applicants who take part in Russian universities tests and show best results. Specify all advantages here.


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