Biomedical Engineering Education in Russia

Biomedical Engineering Education in Russia

Russia, along with other European countries, welcomes foreign students for education for the specialty of Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics. You can receive a Specialist’s or Master’s degree in this specialty in a number of Russian universities engaged in the Project 5-100.

Where to Study for a Biomedical Engineer

You can receive the education as a Biomedical Engineering in the SibFU, IKBFU, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and others.

The Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics programme is also offered in the English language in the Siberian Federal University. To be admitted for this course English-level Certificate required.

Other universities offer their programmes in Russian. To receive the education of biomedical engineer in Moscow, Tyumen or Kaliningrad, the students who are not fluent enough in Russian will have to complete the preparatory language course.

Preparatory Department Courses and Biomedical Engineer Programmes

All major universities in Russia have Preparatory Department for international applicants. During training prospective students obtain language skills and profile disciplines base which needs for pass enter exams successfully. You may take:

  • MSMU pre-educational courses for Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes. For first degree it takes 10 month, for Master’s lasts for 5 month. Programmes are read in Russian, so you need to take language course before – check it here.
  • IKBFU offer complex courses for Bachelor’s degree for foreigners without Russian skills. Applicant may choose direction – technics, medicine, humanitarian or other disciplines you need for enroll. Russian is studied compulsorily with the level sufficient for apply for Russian-language Bachelor’s stage. Classes starts in April or October, you may take TORFL after. Tuition fee is $1800 per year.

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As for main educational programmes, they lasts for 5 years and starts with Specialist’s degree in Biology Science (UT), or Medical Information Systems (FEFU) etc. Also you can take Bachelor’s in MSMU Pharmacy Faculty. Relevant programmes duration is form 4 up to 6 years (depends of direction). According to the programme, student get knowledge in biotechnical research and construction, material exploring and safety, devises repair, computerizing, genetic research, health protection, new forms of medicines and drug creation etc.

The Master’s programme for the specialty of Biomedical Engineering is offered by Siberian Federal University in the city of Krasnoyarsk; the full course takes two years. It helps enhance specification for became high-qualified professional.

Graduations get qualification of an engineer, biomedical engineer or bioinformatics specialist. Terms and forms of study within enter document list specify at the chosen university, please.

Tuition Fee and Conditions

The tuition fee depends on the university status, the programme it offers and the course duration. International and CIS applicants can be granted a scholarship and complete the course free of charge by applying for state-financed places within the Russian Federation Government quota.

The tuition fees for students who enter universities under a fee-based contract are as follows

  •  Specialist’s Degree programmes – from $ 1200;

  •  Master’s programmes starts from $ 1400.

   All programmes and its conditions you can see here. To get all information from university directly, please, sing up for website.


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