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MBA in Russia

Business education in Russia
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Business education is a real opportunity to systematize knowledge in management, finance or marketing and start a career in your field as a competent leader. Most of such programmes are realised in small groups and built on a project principle so students would work together to solve real-life cases that they face in their businesses. Russian universities offer many different programmes, including MBA, IT-MBA, DBA, etc. We have prepared for you a list of the most popular of them among foreigners.

HSE University offers a wide range of study programmes from short-term online courses to DBA. The Higher School of Economics also has a Center for Leadership Development Programs, which is taught by leading university professors, practising educators, top managers and experts in various fields.

HSE University has several MBA programmes. The most popular among foreign students are Strategic Management and IT-MBA Strategic Management of Information Systems.

Additional skills in introducing project management in multinational companies can be gained through the English-language Master's programme in International Management. In the course of your studies, you will become familiar with global management strategies, new business models and learn approaches to corporate social responsibility. The programme includes a mandatory semester of study at one of the top-100 business schools according to the Financial Times, as well as workshops, projects with partner companies and the opportunity to receive a double degree with ESCP and Lancaster University.

Tomsk Polytechnic University offers an MBA course General Management, which will help you learn the principles of teamwork organization, determine how to build business strategies, master business communication skills and gain experience in planning your activities.

Consider the Management in the oil and gas sector programme as well. In addition to the basic knowledge that a manager should have, the programme includes modules on risk assessment and the effectiveness of investment decisions, project management in the oil and gas industry and production reorganization.

National University of Science and Technology MISIS is applying for the MBA Mining & Metals programme. It is designed for specialists in the mining and metallurgical sector and will allow you to acquire management competencies, taking into account the specifics of mining, processing and metallurgical enterprises.

NUST MISIS also has several DBA programmes (Doctor of Business Administration): InTech for managers in various sectors of heavy industry, Education for managers in educational organizations and Health Management for top managers in the health sector, which are held in partnership with educational centres in China and Kazakhstan.

RUDN University offers several modular MBA programmes. For example, the MBA Professional basic intensive course. Its purpose is to help you develop advanced business management skills using modern interactive technologies, including business games, learning by doing, work in project groups, case studies, etc. During the course, students also visit international industrial enterprises.

Russian universities allow you to get an education at any level. You can get from a bachelor's degree to a PhD or upgrade your qualifications in MBA and DBA programs to give your career a second wind. Use the search on our website and submit a free application right now!