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How to Study in Europe with Low Tuition Fee

How to Study in Europe with Low Tuition Fee

Affordable higher education is available at Russian and European universities. In comparison with the tuition fee in America or Canada, the price of educational services here is considerably lower.

Russian universities compete successfully with European ones in terms of the tuition fee, the quality and quantity of educational programmes and the conditions of students training.

Tuition Fee

Study with low tuition fee is available in Russia. Annual tuition fee in Russian universities differs a lot. In prestigious capital universities such as MSU or MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) it can start from $1,500 and up to $7,900.

In regional education institutions with similar quality of education, its cost will be lower, therefore many students choose universities in other cities – Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Samara.

The minimum cost of study under Bachelor's degree is RUB 67,000 (1,200 dollars) per year, Specialist’s degree – RUB 68,000 (1,200 dollars) a year, Master's degree – RUB 82,000 (about 1,400 dollars).

Reasonable tuition fee can be offered by:

  • RUDN University Electrical and Heat-and-Power Engineering – from RUB 140,000 per year; Agrobiotechnology – RUB 100,000 (USD 1650) per year;
  • HSE University (Perm) Smart Marketing: Data, Analytics, Insights – from RUB 127,000 (USD 2150) per year;
  • SibFU Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Metallurgy – from 1100 euros per year;
  • FEFU Architecture – from RUB 150,000 (USD 2500) per year;
  • UT Biology from RUB 107,000 (USD 1780) per year and other universities.

In addition, Russia offers foreign students the opportunity to get a free education. The Government provides a quota for state-funded places – in 2017, 15,000 people from around the world benefited from it. Use our search form for find programmes and terms.

Household Expenses

Living expenses are also included in the total cost of education. In Russia they are considerably lower than in European countries:

  • Living expenses are up to RUB 5,000 subject to living in the university residence;
  • Food expenses are up to RUB 10,000;
  • Transportation costs – RUB 380 monthly per student pass for Moscow, in other cities may be less;
  • Communications, Internet expenses are up to RUB 800;
  • Most Russian universities have sports facilities with a swimming pool and sport sections, students can use it for free or at reduced prices. On average, for entertainment and sports, it is necessary to provide up to RUB 4000 rubles in the budget.

On average, at the current rouble exchange rate, this will amount to $ 352 per month. A total of $ 4,500 per year is required for accommodation in Russia, depending on the region and the place of residence. This is an average figure, someone spends less, someone more. More information could be found here.

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