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List of the Cheapest Universities in Russia

List of the Cheapest Universities in Russia

Study in Russia is cheaper compared with the European countries and America education. Students from all countries can get education in Russian Federation in different fields of study.

Tuition fee in Russia depends on the institution location, field of study and even the student performance level.

How to Identify the Cheapest University?

It is not that easy. There are plenty universities in Russia that accept international students, and the and prices can vary widely enough even within a single university. The approximate prices level of the capital universities (data as of 2016/2017 academic year):

  • MSMU. From RUB 187,000 (Clinical Psychology), RUB 230,000 (Pediatrics);
  • RUDN University. Prices start from RUB 100,000 (agricultural, engineering or geological fields of study);
  • SPbPU. Academic year will cost approximately 185,000 rubles and more. The most affordable fields of study are Cultural Studies, Politics, History.

Therefore, to find cheap universities in Russia for international students, you should investigate this topic carefully. The cost of programmes is different everywhere, you have to choose the study field and compare the conditions and prices. Use our search engine, you can also add programmes to Favourites, and then compare them.

As for the living cost, indeed, in capitals, everything is more expensive, but the students have many benefits. If you are going to find the cheapest university, explore the list of educational institutions in Tomsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Krasnoyarsk and Chelyabinsk. Prices there are considerably lower and the range of study areas and the high standards of teaching is not inferior to the capital ones. For example, 2017/2018 autumn semester in the Siberian Federal University for the most fields will cost from RUB 35,000 to 62,000. Considering that SibFU is in the top leading Russian universities, this option deserves closest attention of the applicants.

Other Ways to Save Money

Study in Russia can be affordable, but not absolutely free. First of all, this concerns the unavoidable expenses (accommodation, transport, meals, communications). One cannot avoid them completely, but it is quite possible to optimize them. You should also consider the monthly costs for mobile communications and Internet, medical insurance, entertainment and sport activities. Learn more about prices in Russia here.

Tips for thrifty students:

  • Take advantage of the preferences and discounts offered to the university students.
  • Do not spend money on renting an apartment. At most universities there are student residences with everything that every student needs. The cost of living here is minimal.

You can select the cheapest university and educational programme, using the search. The filter system allows specifying the desired form of study (full-time, part-time, extramural and distance), preferred language of instruction (Russian, English, German, etc) and the city of location. In such a way you can avoid unnecessary costs, and make sure that study in Russia may be affordable.

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