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Study Computer Science Abroad

Study Computer Science Abroad

Computer science is a rapidly developing sphere. The reasons to choose IT include: high demand for such specialists, high basic salary and growth potential.

Computer science in today’s world is using the cutting-edge IT industry technologies in most of industrial spheres. For international applicants who want to educate hardware systems, software and scientific computing – studying abroad in best Russian universities will provide you with the fundamental knowledge basis for further development and career opportunities.

There are four education levels available to applicants: Bachelor’s degree, Specialist’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctorate. Russian universities offer potential students in the computer science several specialties:

  • Computer Science (IT) and Computer Technology;
  • Information Security etc. 

Besides the basic programmes, international students can choose an optional programme, in particular, when preparing for admission to the Bachelor’s Degree Course or the Master’s Degree course.

Universities & Programmes


Programmes: Applied Informatics, Computer Science and Engineering, Technologies, Informatics Systems for Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. Tuition fee is about USD 3300-3650 per year. University with high qualified team of lectors and modern equipment. It ranked in TOP-10 Europe and Asia Universities in the Computer Science by HackerRank.


Programmes: Computer Aided Technologies, Networks, Software and Mathematics Engineering can be studied here for Bachelor, Master or at the Postgraduate courses. Tuition fee is USD 4100 and above, forms of study is full-time only.


Programmes: Computer and Software tools and Technologies, Database Management, Nanoelectronic and Biomathematical modeling and other related profiles are teaching here. Wide range of Postgraduate courses allows to increase knowledge about microelectronic, portable devices software programming, automatics and robotics research. You can choose Bachelor’s and Master’s certificate too, it will take 4 and 2 years of study consequently and will costs up to USD 5400 per year. Living expenses are borne by the students themselves; they usually amount to USD 300-400, depending on the region and personal needs.

After university you can work at the Russian and foreign universities, research centers, industrial enterprises, international companies. Graduates are welcomed by banks, machinery plants and design groups, building companies, software researchers. Full programmes list is here.

If you decided to enter a Russian university you’ll only have 5 steps ahead of you: choosing your programme and financing source, collecting the required documents, passing the competition for admission, receiving an invitation and obtaining a student visa. You can sign up for our website and send an application directly to the best state Russian universities.
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