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Conditions and opportunities University of Tyumen offers to foreign students

Conditions and opportunities University of Tyumen offers to foreign students

State University of Tyumen (UTMN) is a participant of “Priority 2030”, the state program of university support, and one of the leading universities in Russia. Because of its fundamental educational program, the university attracts both Russian and foreign students, who willingly follow various individual trajectories the university can offer.

Today, in UTMN there are about 2 thousand foreign students, who have arrived from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Brazil, China, Egypt, Mexico, the USA, Japan, and other countries. Among them, 1342 students are taking a full-time course, 25 people are doing their postgraduate research, and 79 students are in the preparatory course in the Russian language.

5 major advantages of studying at UTMN for foreign applicants

  1. Optimal balance between the cost and quality of the education

  2. High standards of preparatory courses

  3. System of individual educational trajectories: students can shape their own curriculum

  4. Functioning system of foreign students’ adaptation and integration

  5. Convenient location of the campus in the city center

How do I start studying at UTMN?

Plunging into studies in a new country could be challenging. University of Tyumen has a preparatory department for those who plan to study in Russian, in this or any other university. Students from other countries can learn the Russian language at any level, beginning with the elementary one. Foreign citizens also study other subjects, according to the profile they have chosen. At the preparatory department there are 4 profiles: humanities, economics, natural sciences, and engineering and technics. The department’s academics also explain how the educational system works in Russia and help their students adapt to living in a new country.

Besides, the university has a few organizations that support international students by helping them contact their academics, assisting in their everyday routine, encouraging them to participate in the university’s educational and public activities, etc. The Association of UTMN Foreign Students works in the university, as well as Chinese, Arabic, French, Korean and Latin American centers, the centers of the German language and culture, and of cooperation between Russia and Hungary.

Is there an option of distance learning?

Sure! For many years the university has had the Institute of distance education, which gives its students an opportunity to get a degree, both in the full- and part-time mode, using remote education technologies. The educational process goes mostly through the Internet, and you can study from any part of the world, without having to change your routines, part with your family or give up your job.

In 2022, the Institute has 5 highly popular bachelor’s programs:

  • State and Municipal Administration

  • Economics

  • Pedagogy

  • Management, and

  • Law.

Can I study for free?

The studies of foreign citizens in Russian universities may be commercial or funded by the budget of the Russian Federation. To get a state grant (quota), foreign applicants should contact the embassy, the consulate, or the ‘Rossotrudnichestvo’ office in the country of their citizenship, regardless of their current location. Stateless persons and Russian compatriots living abroad should contact the same institutions on the territory of the country of their permanent residence.

The candidate selection has two parts:

stage 1 is performed by the offices of ‘Rossotrudnichestvo’ and Russian embassies,

stage 2 is done by Russian universities.

Besides, winners of universities’ Olympiads may also study without any fees. Here you can read about the kinds of Olympiads for foreign citizens and the advantages they give.

When does UTMN start accepting applications?

Documents may be submitted, beginning on June 20. The final date of the campaign varies, depending on the level and mode of the studies. Applications to the preparatory department are accepted throughout the academic year. If while submitting the papers you have any questions, you can ask them at the university’s Admissions Office (in Russian), or in the International Students Recruitment and Integration Center.