Distance Education in Russia

Distance Education in Russia

Distance education in Russia makes possible to improve the ability of education and to save time and money for foreign applicants. It becomes possible due the help of advanced information and telecommunication resources.

Online education is focused on provision of the opportunity of distant mastering both basic and supplementary education programmes to applicants or students. Online education is provided for extramural, distance external studies and for additional programmes including postgraduate courses. Distance studies are permitted for humanitarian, social and economic, mathematical directions, etc. Medicine profiles can’t be obtained online.

Bonuses of Online Studying Is:

  • No need to live in Russia constantly, you can just came sometimes for take lectures and pass exams;
  • Saving money: if you stay at home there are no additional spending for food and living;
  • No adaptation: you just staying in comfortable environment, planning you time by your own, stay in touch with family and friends;
  • Possibility to work: stay at home or study in Russia at work at the same time.

Main Courses Online

Distance education can be chosen for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Postgraduate course. It is available in major Russian universities:

  • For Bachelor’s you can check Distance Programmes at Earth Science, Economics and Management, Law, Chemistry and some other directions. Courses are teaching in Russian mainly, tuition fee is form USD 600 up to USD 2500 per year. Duration depends of programmes and sessions schedule, study can take from 3 to 5 years.
  • Master’s Degree with distance form of study available only for money. There are no possibility to study for free for citizens and international students. Programmes you can take include Sociology, Physics, Management, Education, Law directions, duration is 2.5 years, tuition fee is from USD 800 to 3000.
  • Postgraduate сourses takes 3-4 years and read mainly in Russian. Tuition fee is up to USD 4050 for every academic year. They are available in TPU, RUDN and others at such direction as Applied Geology, Mining, Oil and Gas Engineering and Geodesy, Art Studies, Engineering, etc.

Education for Foreigners in Russia

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It's need to underline, that distance education is not provide as many programmes as full-time form. One more disadvantage – Russian language teaching predominantly, so you have to know language at certain level. Language problem can be solved with Preparatory Department courses. They are all intramural only, but have some reasons to be taken:

  • Pre-educational courses takes in average one year only. If you have no enough time to study abroad but want to get Russian diploma, find only one years and then you may continue study at home;
  • You reach good level of Russian and increase basic knowledge by profile. It’ll help you to pass first session and understand system of education in your university;
  • You introduce to your lectors. It makes future communication easy.

Additional Programmes

Additional education courses are provided with short-time programmes for working by profession or needed to requalification specialists. In contrast to main programmes, additional could be taken for Medicine directions too. Usually such programmes takes up to 2 month, some of them can be read in English. Long-terms programmes last up to 1 year. As all other types, additional ‘s could be fee-based or state-funded too.

To find all programmes and get opportunity to contact the universities directly, please, create a personal account here.


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