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Double degree programmes of University of Tyumen

Double degree programmes of Tyumen State University

University of Tyumen is the leading university in the region. It confirms the high level of education it provides by annually strengthening its position in Russian and global rankings. University of Tyumen graduates are among the most popular and highly paid professionals in various fields: economics, law, IT, etc.

It's no secret that the modern employment market offers the most extensive possibilities to the specialists holding several prestigious diplomas. However, the consecutive obtaining of several degrees in different universities is a very arduous and time-consuming process that requires significant financial support. The double degree programme will allow you to simultaneously study not only at University of Tyumen but at an international partner university as well.

Studying for a master's degree in such programme is your chance to gain unique experience of independent practice, acquire broader knowledge in your field. It will also take your foreign language proficiency to the next level. Thanks to the cooperation of University of Tyumen with leading French universities, several high-level master's programmes with double diplomas in law, economics, management, linguistics and computational mechanics have been created.

  1. Legal organization of the activities of public authorities / Territorial administration and international cooperation

  2. This programme was developed in cooperation with the University of Lorraine in Metz in 2011, and it is one of the most popular today. The programme is taught in Russian and French. It will allow students to receive professional training in the field of constitutional, administrative, municipal and financial law in both Russia and France.

  3. Theory and practice of teaching foreign languages and cultures / Foreign languages, literature, regional and foreign studies

  4. The University of Toulouse-Jean Jaures is one of the oldest universities in France and Europe. UTMN double degree programme students will be able to gain experience in intercultural communication and training in translation. It's a unique opportunity to become part of the ancient educational tradition of the University of Toulouse. The linguistics programme implies a full immersion in the study of foreign languages: Russian, French and English.

  5. Economics and legal regulation of business / Management of the Grande Ecole

  6. This joint programme of the UTMN Financial and Economic Institute and the School of Management of the University of Strasbourg will give you comprehensive and versatile knowledge in the field of economics, finance and law, as well as professional business skills. Proficiency in French and English is required to successfully enrol in this course.

  7. Computational Mechanics / Digital Mechanics in Engineering (Computer Engineering)

  8. Another popular programme implemented in cooperation with the University of Strasbourg. This course will allow you to become a highly qualified specialist in several areas: applied physics, physics engineering, computational mechanics and mathematics. No knowledge of the French language is needed. The course is taught entirely in Russian and English to make it even more accessible.

A bachelor's degree or a specialist diploma is essential for admission to any of these courses. During the first year of the master's programme, students attend University of Tyumen. To continue studying in the second year in France, you need to pass the competitive selection successfully.

The tuition varies from 200,000 to 250,000 rubles and includes courses both at University of Tyumen and at a partner university. However, visa processing, transfer, medical insurance and accommodation in France are not included.

Based on the results of your performance and successful defence of your master's thesis, you will receive state diplomas of the Russian Federation and the French Republic. 64 graduates of University of Tyumen have already secured Russian and French master's degrees.

In this article, we only talked about a few of the UTMN programmes. The university is expanding its international connections and collaborates with universities from Spain, France, Norway, Macedonia, Germany, China, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, USA and many other countries.

Explore the full list of educational programmes of University of Tyumen on our website and choose the one that is right for you. Send a free application directly to the university and ask any questions you are interested in to the UTMN representatives. All of this is easy to do through your personal account on our website. Register now.