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Russian vs German Education

Russian vs German Education
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Russia and Germany education is built on the general principles of the Bologna system, so the education in Russia and in Germany has many similarities in the stages of instruction and levels of training. However, there are also differences. Let’s compare Russia VS Germany education in main.

Academic Year

In Russia start of the school and university academic year is equal for whole country, its September 1. Year consist two semesters. Each semester duration is 14 weeks and ends with examination period. Students are visits lectures and seminars on related subjects and do a lot of self-study. For example, they should write yearly coursework.

In Germany in any federal state academic year begins and ends on October, 1. Colleges and preparatory courses starts by they own schedule. It helps to organize airports and road traffic more effective and avoid congestion. First semester is from October till March and the second is from April to September. Summer vacation is 6 weeks only. It’s better to specify terms and schedule at the chosen university, because it may differ.

Enrollment Requirements

In Russia: the school graduates pass the Unified State Examination. Results are equal for all Russian universities, so prospective student is free to choose higher education institution. International students can choose English or Russian language of instruction’s. And some universities even no needed Language Certificate. Russian programmes are more attractive by its price and variety. And if you’re not so good in Russian, you can take preparatory courses before enrolment.

In Germany schooling takes 13 years. So international students come to study in Germany are two years elder, than first-years university domestic students. The other point is, that last two years education programme in Germany is more deep and could be compare to Russian or Europe first two years in the university. As far as the knowledge and age are different, normally you can’t enter university immediately. Foreign applicants choose to study in college first, where they can get basic knowledge for entering the university and improve German level which is the language of instruction’s priority there.

Class Planning

In Russia: students are study in groups. Taking into account the field of study, the administration develops for each group a schedule of classes with the necessary number of hours in all disciplines. Classes can be held for one group of 20-30 people and for several students simultaneously.

In Germany: students independently choose the disciplines to study in accordance with their interests and future plans. This requires a high level of responsibility in the planning of studies, which is taught in school or at the tertiary level (for foreigners). Lectures and seminars can be attended huge number of students at the same time.

Monitoring Systems

In Russia: students visit lectures and seminars, pass tests and semester exams. Part of study takes part in research projects in a different ways, such as through coursework or presentations. The administration can apply sanctions in the event of a large number of failed academic assignments or consistent underperformance or if the student do not visit the classes for no reason.

In Germany: the administration of the educational institution gives great importance to the academic success of students and carefully monitors the performance of all work. Sanctions can be applied even for cheating in exams or practical seminars. More information about study in Russia and in Germany you will find here.

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