Russian Educational Policy

Russian Educational Policy

The Russian educational system includes both the study of sciences and the upbringing culture, social standards and law behavior of the young generation. Educational policy in modern Russia is based on availability, relevance and secular nature of education.

State Educational Policy Principles:

  • Diversified personal student development considering common human values, observance and respect of rights and freedoms;
  • Support of national identities though the state policy of cultural diversity;
  • Secondary and higher education available to all categories of citizens and with no tuition fee;
  • Combination of public and state schools and universities management aimed on their support and development;
  • Secular education in the whole system of municipal and state educational institutions;
  • Support of innovations, flexible educational process to meet the demands of the labor market;
  • Preparation on-demand economy specialists who will be able to implement their potential in developing industries.

These principles of the educational policy of Russia allow to develop the system of educational institutions, to raise funds for research and development, as well as to improve the qualification of training specialists in different sectors. For this purpose, the budgets of allocated funds for the equipment purchase are constantly being renewed, highly qualified specialists are being invited and the tuition fee are being paid from the budget, which allows gifted school graduates to apply to a university and to implement their potential.

The results of the new education policy are already clearly visible: schools are switched to a unified assessment system; international students from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world can apply to a university in Russia with similar terms and conditions as domestic applicants. Thanks to the evolution of the education system, the Russian students take more and more places at international olympiads, and Russian universities graduates take on the positions in the biggest domestic and foreign companies.

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