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Electrical Engineering Education in Russia

Electrical Engineering Education in Russia

Russian universities are traditionally known for their high level of teaching technical subjects. Electrical engineering programmes are offered by many universities, and include various fields – studying electronics, radio engineering, communications systems, micro and nanoelectronics.

International students can choose to study any electrical engineering field of study and get technical education in the universities of the capital or regions under Bachelor's, Master’s or Postgraduate studies programmes.

Technical Universities in Russia

Teaching of technical subjects is conducted in almost all universities in Russia. International students can choose:

  • Materials Design and Engineering at the MEPhI (Master’s Degree, duration 2 years, cost – RUB 168 900 / USD 2815 per semester). Focused on prepare specialists with strong theoretic base and deep practice knowledge in reactor materials and renewable power, metals structure changes, modern equipment control etc. The Programme provides the additional physical and mathematical courses, materials research experimental methods studying, vocational practical training. Some educational courses available in English.

  • Electrical Power and Electrical Engineering at the FEFU (Bachelor’s Degree, duration 4 years, full-time study only, cost RUB 150 000 / USD 2500 per year). There are several profiles avalible: Electricity, Electric power systems and networks, Electric drive and automation, Electrical equipment and automation of the vessels.

  • Metallurgy of Secondary Resources at the MISIS (Postgraduate Course, full-time study 4 years duration programme, tuition fee is RUB 278 000 / USD 4633 per year). Programme makes students acquire expert knowledge about industrial materials treating and recycling, double-powered energy sources and relevant research.

  • Electrical and Thermal Engineering at the SUSU (4 years education for Bachelor's Degree with tuition fee RUB 142 000 / USD 2360 per year). This direction of preparation is a scientific specialty combining studies the General regularities of the transformation, storage, transmission and use of electric energy and electrical information.
All programmes can be checked here.

Depending on the selected programme of study, graduates of technical departments will obtain diplomas in Radio Electronic Media, Systems and Networks, Mobile and Radio Communications, Electronics and Nanoelectronics and other spheres.

Tuition Fee in Electrical Engineering

Tuition fee for technical directions in Russian universities is different:

  • From USD 2300 – 2400 a year – such prices are offered by South Ural State University in Chelyabinsk, Samara University;
  • From USD 4060 – 4900 per year at Tomsk Polytechnic University;
  • To USD 5,000 a year at MIPT and other universities in the capital.
Teaching in many programmes is arranged in English and Russian. Any Russian university will offer applicants without Russian skills to take a Preparatory course with the profound study of Russian and specialized subjects for future studying. 
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