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Study Engineering in Russia

Study Engineering in Russia

International applicants may choose various engineering education programmes in major universities.

Taking part in competitive selection, foreign applicants may be enrolled to one of the 4-year Bachelor’s programmes. A Master of engineering degree programme is the second stage of study with qualification of a professional specialist. Upon gaining a Master’s degree, one can continue engineering education in the selected specialty under the doctoral programme. This is the third stage, which implies deep scientific research for 3 to 4 years and defense of a Master’s thesis. Thus, engineering education is represented in Russia in full scope thereof. Some Russian universities also offer 5-year Specialist’s programmes. There is possibility to obtain engineering education in Russia in the English or in the Russian language for any degree.

Universities and Programmes

Study engineering in Russia includes such directions as biotechnical systems and technologies, instrumental engineering, buildings construction, applied physics, electric power industry and electrical engineering and many others. If you don’t pass exams for free education, you may choose any fee-based programme. Prices are differ in case of university location, lecturing staff quality, programmes context, university education policy. Here is some programmes for example:

  • Electric Power Industry and Electrical Engineering (Bachelor) at LETI. This 4-years course based on study of methods and facilities for electric energy production, re-sending, transformation and disposing, electric power systems control, renovation, upgrading. Full-time studying only, fee is RUB 157 000/USD 2616.
  • Technological Equipment Engineering (Bachelor) at MISIS. The programme focused on design and renovation of the processing equipment used for manufacturing and creation goods, machines and devises. USD 3050 per year, period of study is 4 years.

  • Strength of constructions of aircraft (Master’s) at Samara University. Two-year course of studying aircraft strength, stability, survivability and safety, its structures, constructions, and installations. Programme also includes classes about planes electronics systems, navigation, safety controls and relevant research.
  • Nuclear power installations, including design, operation and decommissioning (Postgraduate) at MEPhI. Four-year programme with availability of study in English which educate tools and methods of nuclear energy produce, transform and recycle. Practice passed at the Rosatom, Kurchatov Institute and other organizations.

Study engineering in Russia focused on practice. As far as country have many factories, heat-plants, research institutes, students can obtain knowledge form the first hands.

Pre-education Courses

Major part of programmes are read in Russian. So if you want to get unlimited choice, you need to have advanced language skills. Pre-education courses in Russian offered in two ways:

  • Language only. You can take summer courses for 1-3 month for the beginning or study with intensive course of Russian.
  • Preparatory Department. Include basic discipline advanced course and profiled language. Helps to introduce system if education, lecturing methods, exams aspects and systematize you skills for pass competitive selection.
Full programmes list is here. Please, sing up for website and you will be able to contact international departments of the best state universities.
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