Executive Education in Russia

Executive Education in Russia

For foreign students planning to make a career of a manager, Russian universities offer plenty of educational programmes in management and economics in different spheres.

Education for executives (operating or potential) is provided in Russian universities through bachelor, master and postgraduate programmes. The education is in Russian, though some educational institutions offer programmes in Russian and in English for their master and postgraduate programmes.

Where to Study?

Preparatory courses are available for applicants who are not fluent in Russian; these courses offer intensive language studies to enter any university or institute with the chosen specialty. Students in Russia can choose different executive education programmes: human resources management, innovations in business management, marketing technologies in management etc.

For those interested in political technologies, there are programmes on state and municipal management, international economy management and international trade policy. The education can be intramural (full-time) or distance, depending on your choice. 

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Benefits for Students

All students of Russian universities are entitled to discounts.

Weather in Russia

Try to go beyond the stereotypes: Russia is not a frozen wasteland and the climate differs from region to region.

Learning Russian

Learning Russian from scratch: where and how.

Educational programmes for future executives are available in many Russian universities, such as:

  • SUSU – State and Municipal Administration (only distance learning, extramural, fee-based, Bachelor's (3 years) and Master’s (2.5 years) degree, RUB 46 800 and 48 000 per year, respectively). Human Resources Management (Master’s Degree for Economics and Management direction, full/part-time mode of study available, RUB 125 100 per year, can study for free).

  • IKBFU – Enterprise Management (full-time Bachelor's Degree mode of study, duration 4 years, tuition fee is USD 1230/year. Financial Planning and Control (Master’s Degree with full-time study mode and tuition fee 1 450 USD per year, duration 2 years).

  • HSE University – multiple Economics and Management programmes with an opportunity to study for free and under contract. Foreign student can choose Accounting and Statistics, Business Informatics, Business Strategies: Management and Consulting, E-Commerce to study at main university in Moscow or its departments in Perm and Nizhniy Novgorod.

The programme objective is to train professional managers with all the necessary competencies to work at administrations of all levels, financial services, regional and local funds or set up their own business.

Tuition Fee

The cost of executive education in Russian universities can vary. It depends on the status of the educational institution, its programme and the course duration:

  • from $1,665 a year in regional universities of Samara, Tomsk, Novosibirsk up to $5,200 a year for Moscow universities for the Bachelor’s degree programmes;

  •  from $1,000 a year to $5,200 for the Master’s degree;

  •  the PhD programme in Moscow for the specialty of “Economics” will cost approximately $5,500.


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