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Explore the world of marketing and new media at Russian universities

Explore the world of marketing and new media at Russian universities
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In response to the growing interest in studying marketing and social media around the world, universities are opening new programmes to master modern tools for interacting with the audience. Understanding the needs of customers and partners and the ability to quickly adapt to their needs is a key skill required in any area: from the public sector to sales on the marketplace. We have prepared for you a list of the leading Russian universities where you can master one of the most demanded professions:

The Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University offers a Geobranding programme that combines the study of urbanism, marketing and various tools for developing the popularity of territories. You will learn how to build a positive image of entire regions and attract investors, tourists and new residents to them through territorial marketing. You can immerse yourself in the world of marketing research by enrolling in the English-language Master's programme Digital Marketing. The students study the most advanced online promotion tools, including SEO, contextual and targeted advertising.                                      

Kazan Federal University, which is in demand among foreign applicants, prepares specialists in various professions. If you are interested in working with modern communication tools in the field of politics, choose the Digital Diplomacy programme. You will learn to use new media and digital technologies to advance private and public interests. The curriculum includes modules on information and psychological cybersecurity, maintaining accounts in social networks, strategic communication, monitoring the media and the blogosphere, special seminars and practice in specialized organizations.

The HSE University offers many programmes dedicated to marketing and media. Among them is the master's degree in Integrated Communications, whose students learn to manage communication processes in PR, advertising and new media and undergo practical training in leading communication agencies. Several highly specialized marketing programmes are also open at the HSE University: Marketing and Market Analytics, Marketing: Digital Technologies and Marketing Communications, Transmedia Production in Digital Industries, as well as online programmes - Marketing Management and Digital Product Management.

Samara University is a unique educational centre that offers foreign applicants 300 programmes of both technical and humanitarian profile. If you want to work in the media environment and get the skills of web design, media branding, brand book development and corporate identity, learn media design and layout, pay attention to the Media Project Design program. You will be able to work with new media and tools from Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and others.

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University is actively adapting to modern realities. TPU recently launched a short-term course "TikTok for Business". It consists of two parts: the first part is a series of free webinars, the second is the main educational blocks. You will learn how to work with a TikTok advertising account, promote products through this social network, develop and create popular content, write video scripts, and choose locations. The course includes lectures and sessions in Zoom with existing businessmen. After a pilot launch, this course will be included in the curriculum of graduate and bachelor's degrees at TPU School of Engineering Entrepreneurship.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin offers applicants two master's programmes in PR - English-language PR & Advertising in International Communications and PR and Advertising in Internet Marketing, which in the first and last semesters is conducted in English, and the middle of training in Russian. UrFU graduates will be able to build a successful career in such areas as marketing, public relations and advertising, mass media, culture, international business.

Russian universities offer a wide range of programmes in a wide variety of fields, including marketing, PR, advertising and design. Use the search on our website, choose a direction that interests you and submit a free application for training right now!