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Higher Education in Russia and Great Britain

Higher Education in Russia and Great Britain

The system of education in Russia and Great Britain has a lot of similarities, because it is built on the same major principles of the Bologna system. However, there are significant differences that make Russian education more specific and competitive. We can consider them due to comparison of Britain & Russia institutions and colleges.

Education Stages

In Russia vocational education has two parts: specialized secondary education and higher (university). The first category includes colleges, technical schools where student can complete basic stages of secondary school and get a profession (service, cooking, mechanical and others). The higher (university) education is given by universities, different institutes (medical, financial) or academies. University alumnus get the Bachelor's, Master's or Doctor’s degree and also can take postgraduate course to broaden knowledge within chosen field.

In Great Britain the vocational or secondary education is regarded the highest, whether it is a college or an institute.

Fields of Study

In Russia universities are focused not only on academic knowledge but practical knowledge too. Graduates become complete specialists even after 4 years Bachelor's course. The main differ is that university alumnus can easier take managerial position and high-payed jobs than specialized secondary graduates.

In Great Britain students can study for secondary in colleges where they get theoretical base and the profession. GB universities pay more attention to academic disciplines.

Terms of Education and Tuition Fee

In Russia all degrees terms and it’s classification is equal for the whole Russia. Bachelor's degree takes 4 years, Specialist – 5 years, the Master's degree is 2 years and study in some fields (for example, in medicine) take 6 years or 12 semesters. Education in Russia involves contract and free forms of education, the last one needs going through a larger competition, but if you have good marks, you can get a scholarship. It’s given only for next semester and if you don’t pass next semester exams, there will be no more scholarship for the next period.

In Great Britain Bachelor’s degree basically lasts for 3 years, Honours degree – 4 years, Master’s – 2 years and Doctorate 3 years

Higher education in the UK is self-funded in any college or university for any student, regardless of his/her age and citizenship. The state banks provide a system of student loans, and the graduate should repay the loan and the interest only after the graduation and employment.

Forms of Study

In Russia all colleges, universities and academies provide the intramural (full-time), extramural (part-time) and distance forms of study. The two last allow students to combine higher education in Russia with work activities.

In Great Britain college and university students are trained only full-time, so as not to be distracted from lectures, and focus on seminars and practical training.
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