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Humanitarian Universities of Russia

Humanitarian Universities of Russia

Humanities specialties education in Russia include such professions as translators, psychologists, teachers, foreign policy officials, lawyers etc.

International students can apply for any Russian university for free-tuition or for fee-based spots. There are no changes for citizens and foreigners: Russia provide education opportunity for all. Competitive selection is hard enough, but Preparatory courses will help you to pass exams.

Programmes and Modern Directions

The three-level system of training specialists, adopted in 2003, enables one to complete a Bachelor’s course (4 years) then take a Master’s degree (2 to 2.5 years) and then apply for an academic degree after doctorate studying (3 to 4 years), with subsequent defense of a thesis.

Programmes of leading universities in humanities specialties are elaborated with due account for specialist competences that are potentially in demand in labour market in Russia and abroad. It makes universities, besides journalism, linguistics, history and other habitual, offer more relevant lines of studies.

  • History (HSE – Moscow, Perm, Saint Petersburg). Classic historical programmes of HSE University are differ by location, content and tuition fee. Main focus is making historical education satisfy the demands of nowadays needs, match the modern society rules, global national and economic progress. Graduator is not only archives researcher but political, cultural and social consultant. You’ll have a choice of practice, including bibliographical, archaeological, archival, and can continue education with Master’s Degree programmes.
  • Philosophy Studies (NSU – Novosibirsk). Programme based on the science and the higher education cooperation. The educational and research projects are ongoing with Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science. Bachelor’ include studying English and German. Besides you will obtain Latin and Ancient Greek languages.
  • Intellectual Systems in Humanities (ITMO University – Saint Petersburg). Bachelor’s programme which aimed at study experts in the field of intellectual systems design, development and data bases control whom support top-management business activity and research. Humanitarian sphere needs new intellectual systems and technologies focused on automation of methods of knowledge explore, machine learning, data analysis etc. Graduates are capable to work with programs for the analysis of texts development, databases architecture and structure, automatic research methods.
  • Management in Culture and Intercultural Communications (RUDN, Moscow). The programme aimed at study modern culture and art management communicative processes in the arts sphere. Educational modules provide combination of special knowledge of international cultural differences, formations and relative exchange. Graduator can work as a producer, entrepreneur, head of a museum, publishing business planner, creative team manager, etc.
  • Applied and Mathematical Linguistics (HSE University – Moscow). Postgraduate 3 years course with free-tuition form only. Specify at language and modern terminology in math modeling for database development, include development of applications for auto-analyze, generate and interpret initial language content.

Graduates with such qualifications are able to apply intellectual technologies in a narrow special field. Programs of humanities specialties education in Russia are developed with due account for high demand for such specialists in the coming decades.

How to Apply

All major universities provide programmes in Russian and English. If you are native speaker, you may choose last one. Compare to Europe, Russia a bit more loyal to foreign applicants: English Language Certificate (TOEFL or ELITS) not always needed. But we’re recommend to specify it at the university you choose. You can check available humanities English-teaching programmes here.

Russian-taught programmes amount more wide. You can choose any university, direction, location, form of study and even education fee range. But you have to speak Russian. In this case you have two ways:

  • Improve you language skill in summer schools. They are arranged every year and have 1-3 month duration. Recommended for whom can speak Russian quite well. Also, such short courses very helpful for introduction to Russia. Classes include not only language, but culture, environment, traditional data too.
  • Preparatory Department. Arrange for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and helps you to prepare for entrance competitive exams. Educational programme includes intensive language training and study humanities disciplines like literature, history, sociology, law and other you may need due application. Classes duration long is 1 year in average. After you will speak Russian well and be free to choose any programme in any university in Russia.

To get detailed information, please, sing up for website and contact university directly.

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