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Intensive Russian Language Programmes

Intensive Russian Language Programmes

Major universities in Russia offer different ways to study language, such as short courses or summer schools, intensive courses and the Preparatory Department.

Most of the educational programmes for international students in Russian universities are teaching in Russian, so it’s require a certain level of language skills. Even you have no skills in Russian, just apply for 1 year pre-education programme and you will get strong base of language and theoretical knowledge needed to enrolment. Many Russian universities also offer studying in English. To find a programme quickly use can use Study in Russia search service.

The intensive Russian course (from 4 to 6 hours a day) includes:

  • Theoretical and practical classes of the Russian language giving you enough language skills to study in Russian universities and awarding you the relevant certificate;
  • Preparation for the specialties of your choice based on the examination requirements of the specialty.

After completing the university preparatory courses you are free to choose any university to pursue your further study. The language certificate authorizes you to apply to any university in Russia. The programme lasts for 2 semesters, starts in September or October. Short courses lasts for 3-6 months. Courses at Preparatory Department last up to 2 years.

Short Courses

Major Russian universities allocated by the Government of the Russian Federation offer foreign students intensive preparation courses based on the Russian as a Foreign Language programme:

  • Peoples' Friendship University of Russia – intensive course of Russian; duration – 1 month, tuition fee – €900. The grammar studies with speech practice through communicative games, videos and literary readings.
  • University of Tyumen – special course of Russian as Foreign Language; duration – 1917 class hours. Besides study speech communication and grammar of Russian language, international prospective student plunge to Russian traditions and customs, mentality, culture, policy and economy.
  • HSE University – over 10 month completely study of Russian for international applicants, tuition fee RUB 135 000 (USD 2250). Include reading, writing, listening, speaking courses and basic knowledge in chosen education field.
  • UNN (Lobachevsky University) – course of Russian language and the culture based on individual wishes of our students and their level (from A1 to C1). International student can choose the preferences (grammar, pronunciation, audition) and work with special vocabulary. Duration is 4 week and more, cost starts from RUB 44 000 (USD734).

Preparatory Department Courses

Short courses may only introduce Russian for you, but depth and enough for enrolment knowledge you can get only bypassing preparatory courses. What the courses are?

  1. First, it’s a special training for university entering exams. They are separated by profile: technical, economic, humanitarian or natural-science.
  2. Second, courses include highly specialized lessons about Russian education systems particularities and differences. You will practice to pass tests and oral exams.
  3. Third, you’ll get good language base that will enough for Russian-teaching study.
  4. Forth, you can choose pre-bachelor, pre-master and other specialized programme.

Here Is Some Examples:

  • MISiS has economic, natural science and other pre-education Departments. Duration is 1-1,5 year, tuition fee is RUB 150  000 (USD 2500) for period;

  • KFU  offer pre-university course for no or basic Russian language applicants. You will have 30 hours classes per week and can choose profile such as engineering and medical-biological sciences and others basic. Tuition fee is RUB 92400 (USD 1540);

  • UrFUFoundation Year Programme which helps you overwhelm Russian for medicine, literature, technic, economic and other profile. Tuition fee is USD 2250.

All programmes can be reached here.

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