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IT Careers: Where to Study in Russia

IT Careers: Where to Study in Russia

No branch of the economy can function without information technology today and the modern world needs IT professionals as nobody else for well-paid jobs. There are many different IT professions such as software engineer, system engineer, database manager, software designer, cybersecurity specialist, web analyst, web designer, technical writer, software tester, cryptographer etc. A tremendous amount of information is at play in our daily life; it has to be systemised and processed which explains the great demand for Big Data experts.

Any of these professions can be leant at Russian universities.

IT Universities and Programmes

Russia offers quality IT education that includes not only profound theoretical knowledge in mathematics, computer science and physics but also practice. Students of domestic engineering universities win top places at international programming competitions and the professionalism of their graduates is appreciated across the world. International prospective students can choose from a variety of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate IT programmes. Following are some examples:

  • ITMO National Research University provides training in many engineering and IT professions. ITMO students have repeatedly won top places in programming competitions. Following are the available programmes: Software Engineering, (BSc, 200,000 rubles a year), Information Systems and Technology (BSc, 200,000 rubles a year), Information Security (MSc, 219,000 rubles a year) etc.

  • Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is one of the oldest Russian higher education institutions offering international students a wide range of IT majors such as Intelligence Systems (English-taught MSc, 286,000 rubles a year), Mathematics and Computer Sciences (BSc, 165,000 to 180,000 rubles a year) etc.

  • Far Eastern Federal University offers Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems (BSc, 155,000 rubles a year), Computer Security (specialist’s degree, 170,000 rubles a year), Applied Information Technologies (MSc, 185,000 rubles a year) etc.

  • Novosibirsk State University located in the Akademgorodok research hub, offers Mathematics and Computer Sciences (BSc, $4,500 a year), Informatics and Computer Technologies (MSc, $5,200 a year), Cryptography (a new English-taught MSc, $3,800 a year) etc.

  • Ural Federal University IT programmes include Computer Security, (specialist’s degree, $2,000 a year), Adaptive Data Analysis (English-taught MSc, $3,163 a year), System Programming (English-taught MSc, $2,853 a year) etc.

Use the convenient search took on studyinrussia.ru to choose the appropriate programme. Narrow your search by selecting in the field of study box one of the following: Informatics and Computer Technologies, Information Security or Computer and Information Sciences.

International students wishing to improve their Russian language proficiency and take a Russian-taught programme can enter the university’s Preparatory Department. After completing a year-long course they will become proficient in Russian enough to take entrance examinations for the major they have chosen. Russian universities also have English-taught education programmes. More information you can find here.

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