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Study Russian in St Petersburg

Study Russian in St Petersburg

Russian can be study for different ways. Many international students choose to come to St Petersburg and learn language here.

International students can take 2-3 weeks summer school. This form of pre-education available in many St Petersburg’s universities. You can study language by itself or apply for preparatory department where you’ll get knowledge in chosen field (tech, medicine, biology etc.) and study Russian in additional, cause it needs for all international prospective students in Russia.

Summers school start in June. It is an excellent way to combine study and rest. In June St Petersburg is very beautiful cause of the white nights, you can join tourist groups to visit main sightseen.

You can choose Preparatory Course with several levels: beginner, advanced, high and enter the nine-months educational programme with intensive course of Russian and studying of several thematic disciplines. It gives you possibility to enter the university on the Russian-language programme. Check all additional programmes to find best way to study Russian for you.

Studying Russian in Saint Petersburg gives a number of advantages:

  • theoretical and practical lessons of Russian and learning more about the Russian culture and traditions;
  • in-depth study of your specialty subjects to prepare for the entrance exams;
  • learning more about educational system for quickly adaptation to the university environment.

Study Russian in Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University

LETI offers course in the Bachelor and Master Preparatory Department. The course lasts for 9 months (from October to July) and consists of the following specialties:

  • Engineering (mathematics, physics, computer science);
  • Economy (mathematics, IT, social science);
  • Humanitarian (history, IT, social science).

A summer school is available for international students from July to August. Students should visit the courses 4-5 days a week. Study combine 4-6 hours of intensive language classes with regular tours to cultural and historical places of interest.

Study Russian in the ITMO National Research University

Short courses of Russian at the ITMO University cost 300-390 euro per course. It offers support in adopting for Russian culture, traditions and focus on train advanced language level. Grammar, spelling, reading, writing and other skills are study at base. The duration is 1-3 weeks.

Study Russian in the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

SPbPU have established Russian language courses for foreign students with duration from 2 weeks to 1 year:

  • Russian;
  • Theory and practice of translation and interpreting;
  • Business vocabulary;
  • History of Russian literature, art and culture.

Recommended method to study Russian for comfort enrolment is take preparatory courses. You can chose direction at study for apple Bachelor, Master and other degree. You will study basics courses of math, history, chemistry or others that needed to enter the university. And language, of course. Courses are annual, they starts at summer and autumn. If you’re late, some universities could let you join anyway, but it needs to be specified.

Education may take up to 2 years, it depend of field, programme, student language skills. Tuition fee is also different. From USD 1080 to 2670 for only Russian and up to USD 1540-3850 for highly specialized (as medicine) pre-education. More details about preparatory courses and learning Russian here.

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