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Masters Degree in Economics in Russia

Masters Degree in Economics in Russia

Upon completion of the Bachelor’s programme, foreigners may get academic Master’s degree in Economics in Russia. Russian universities offer a large number of programmes.

A narrower field of studies enables one to select the area that is directly related with the future profession. This may be state economy or foreign economic activity, international trade policy, business marketing, finance and banks, insurance etc.

A future owner of Master’ degree in Economics gets theoretical and practical knowledge within the study course, completes practical training and performs scientific research work with final submitting the Master’s thesis. The period of studies is 2 years.

Master’s Programmes Offered by the Best Russian Universities

  • Smart marketing: data, analytics, insights (HSE University – Moscow);
  • Business analytics (TPU – Tomsk);
  • Foreign economic activity (RUDN University – Moscow);
  • Business intelligence analytics (HSE University – Moscow);
  • State and municipal administration (UrFU – Yekaterinburg; NNSU – Nizhny Novgorod; RUDN University – Moscow;
  • Engineering economics and industrial development dynamics (RUDN University – Moscow) and others.

A more detailed list of economy programmes and further information on the duration, form, price and language of study is given on the official website for prospective international students.

Conditions of Admission of Foreigners to Master’s Programmes

One of the main conditions for admission to a Master’s programme is a Bachelor’s degree gained in Russia or abroad. If Russian is the language of instruction, basic command of the language is required in the volume sufficient for mastering the study programme. For those who lack the language skills, special intensive Russian language course and Preparatory Departments are provided for in major Russian universities. Such Preparatory Departments not only give linguistic knowledge but also prepare for passing the entrance exams in principal subjects. Enrollment takes place on a competitive basis. 

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