Study Law in Russia

Study Law in Russia

As a prominent player on the world stage and an active member of many international organizations, Russia provides foreign students with a profound basis for studying legal science and law.

You will receive not only fundamental theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience of solving complex family, property, and international disputes.

Programmes and Specialization in the Sphere of Law

Law studies in Russia aim for preparing multi-skilled lawyers. The principal educational programmes for the students include:

  • General state theory;
  • International public law;
  • Administrative, civil, land and criminal law;
  • Arbitral proceedings;
  • Other general subjects.

The specialization is selected in the final years of study at the Bachelor‘s degree (4 years) programme. Foreign students, who wish to continue their education and receive the degree of Master in Law or PhD in Law, deeply study their specialized subjects and spheres.

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Universities and Available Programmes

Here is some programmes you can choose to study in Russia:

Base Jurisprudence or Law can be studied at RUDN, South Ural State University, University of Tyumen and other. First of all student get a Bachelor’s degree. Mostly, students choose full-time form of study. Extramural available too and can be chosen by international students. Tuition fee is from USD 600 per year in Tyumen and up to USD 5000 and more in Moscow. Future lawyers get all needed knowledge about modern State and International Law, its history and perspectives, the procedure of law implementation, arbitrage, human rights, commercial law etc. 

Undergraduates are specify knowledge at Master’s and Postgraduate courses:

  • Civil and Criminal Defense Lawyer, HSE – 2-years of study programme with the full-time mode and RUB 320000 (USD 5340) tuition fee. The programme prepares for career of the civil and criminal lawyer. It is mainly connected with judicial representation in courts of law on disputes. The students receive competences of lawyers defenders on various categories of criminal cases with emphasis on economic crimes. The programme is based on the acquired communications of faculty of the right with the leading law firms and lawyer bureaus of Moscow.
  • Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure, RUDN – it costs USD 4500 per year and offer 2-years Master’s degree course. This programme trains experts for work at the state positions, lawyers who regulate problems of economic activity and business activity and leading companies. Graduators can provide legal services in all fields of economic activity and take part in settlement of administrative disputes.
  • International and Russian Business Law, NSU – 2-years course with the Master of science in Law degree. Tuition fee is USD 5200 per year. The programme trains highly skilled lawyers for work in the state and private companies, law bureaus who can use their knowledge in the international and Russian commercial law. Students conduct researches and study terms of Russian and International business law.

You can check the full list of programmes and applying conditions here.


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