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MEPhI: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019

MEPhI: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019
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National Research Nuclear University MEPhI is a Russian engineering university specialising in training nuclear power industry engineers. It also provides quality education in other fields such as nanomaterials and nanotechnology, information security and medical physics.

When can prospective international students apply?

Prospective students can apply for Russian-taught undergraduate, specialist and graduate programmes till 23 August. English-taught programmes application deadline is 18 October. Create a personal account on our website to apply. Write to the university and get a reply within ten days.

What documents do foreign nationals have to submit for undergraduate/graduate studies?

Following is the list of required documents:

  1. Copy of education document (degree with the transcript showing the length of study, subjects studied in each year and the grades achieved for each subject) with notarised translation into Russian.

  2. Doctor’s opinion clearing the applicant for study in Russia; negative HIV test certificate issued by an official body of the applicant’s country of residence with notarised translation into Russian.

  3. Original passport (and its copy) with which a foreign national will enter Russia, valid for at least 18 months at the date of student visa inception (with notarised translation into Russian).

  4. Birth certificate (if available) with notarised translation into Russian.

  5. Copy of documents proving research achievements (international/domestic contests or Olympiad winner certificates).

Foreign nationals who apply to MEPhI, do not have to show the certificate of recognition of education/qualifications received abroad. The recognition procedure is carried out by the Office for Education Evaluation and Verification of the MEPhI International Cooperation Department.

What programmes in English are available at MEPhI?

The university offers 11 undergraduate programmes such as Nuclear Power Engineering, Energy Efficient, Additive Fabrication and Hybrid Laser Technology and Solid State Physics and Photonics, 20 graduate programmes (for example, Biomedical Nanotechnologies, Mathematical Physics and Mathematical Modelling, Nano-Bioengineering, Development of Materials for Innovative Technologies), more than 20 PhD programmes (including Intelligent Control Systems of Nuclear Installations, Radiobiology, Nanomaterials for Biology and Medicine, Thermophysics and Theoretical Heat Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and two specialist programmes. Find out more about the programmes using our search tool.

Do I have to take an English examination for English medium programmes?

Depends on the applicant’s origin country specifics. Every applicant makes a separate case for review.

Can I take entrance examinations online?

No you cannot. You can only take exams face to face.

How much are tuition fees?

Tuition fees range from 125,900 to 168,000 rubles ($1,940 to $2,580) per semester. Tuition fees for students outside the former Soviet Union increase by 30 percent.

5 key MEPhI advantages for prospective international students:

  • High quality education.

  • Teachers and scientists from leading world universities.

  • Accommodation at comfortable dormitory.

  • University laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Friendly international atmosphere.

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