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MISIS: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019

MISIS: How Foreigners Can Apply in 2019

National University of Science and Technology MISIS specialises in training engineers in materials science, mining, metallurgy and nanotechnology. It also provides education in humanities and natural sciences.

When can prospective international students apply?

Undergraduate/specialist studies applications deadline is 10 August. Graduate studies applications deadline is 15 August.

What documents do foreign nationals have to submit for undergraduate/graduate studies?

Following is the list of documents to be sent to the Admissions Office in primary application:

  1. Admission request to the rector (filled out online).

  2. Copy of passport (personal data page + registered domicile page).

  3. Copy of education document.

  4. Copy of documents proving the applicant’s individual achievements.

  5. Two photos.

  6. Copy of medical certificate is required when applying for the following fields:

  • 13.03.02 Power and Electrical Engineering;

  • 13.04.02 Power and Electrical Engineering;

  • 21.05.04 Mining;

  • 23.05.01 Land Transport Technology Facilities.

An applicant who submits their documents in person have to show the originals of the above documents as well as:

  1. Copy of visa (if available).

  2. Translation of the above documents into Russian (if these documents have no entries in Russian). All translations have to be notarised in the name designated in the entry visa (for residents of countries requiring visas) or in the document (such as passport or other ID) with which the applicant entered the Russian Federation.

  3.  Written consent to admission.

Create a personal account and write to MISIS for accurate information on the required documents. University staff will reply to you within ten days.

What programmes in English are available at MISIS?

MISIS offers international students ten English medium graduate programmes such as Innovative Software Systems: Design, Development and Applications, Advanced Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Materials for Micro- and Nanosystems etc.

Two new programmes were launched in 2019: Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments and Data Science.

In 2019, MISIS also opened applications for the first time for two new PhD programmes: Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Technologies and Materials Science of Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys. Find the description of MISIS programmes using our convenient search tool.

Do I have to take an English examination for English medium programmes?

No, you don’t.

Can I take entrance examinations online?

Only English medium programme applicants can take examinations online (on Skype).

How much are tuition fees?

Tuition fees range from 214,000 to 262,000 rubles ($3,290 to $4,030) a year.

5 key MISIS advantages for prospective international students:

  • MISIS is located in central Moscow, not far from Red Square.

  • Comfortable dormitories.

  • Easy adaptation to the university and the city, with the assistance of MISIS International Mobility Office.

  • Lectures read by leading international researchers in the fields of fundamental and applied sciences.

  • International environment and vigorous extracurricular activity. International Friendship Club regularly runs interesting events and catch-up classes for international students.

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