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NSU Master's programs in English

NSU Master's programs in English

Novosibirsk State University conducts a wide range of educational profiles and more than 300 programmes to choose from, including double degree programmes with foreign universities. During their studies, NSU international students can undergo scientific internships in modern laboratories.

The English-taught master's in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular among applicants. Big data skills are becoming essential for a successful career in the modern IT field. Graduates will be able to participate in scientific and technical projects, explore machine learning or business analysis, and work in various organizations around the world.

If you are interested in energy security and extractive industries, consider the Oil and Gas Management programme. Lectures, seminars and masterclasses on organization theory, corporate finance, modern strategic analysis, oil and gas economics, international business and others. Learn how to make management decisions based on social, political, economic, legal and psychological aspects of business and then lead medium and large oil and gas companies.

The Master's programme in Financial Management is developed in collaboration with leading industry experts. Learn all about the financial markets, their infrastructure, assessment and risk management. You will also have the opportunity to earn a second master's degree in Quantitative Finance from the ESTI University, Paris. After graduation, you will be a sought-after professional in science, business and the banking sector.

Interested to develop and research new industrial materials? A Master's in Materials Science will be perfect for you. This is one of the most developed NSU programmes, thanks to years of research in the chemical and physical properties of materials. During the programme, you will lead your own project activities in modern laboratories collaborating with experts and publish authored articles in specialized international scientific journals.

In addition to technical specialities, NSU offers a wide range of programmes in humanities, like, Classics and Philosophy. Examine the history of ancient philosophy and science, the history of religion, ancient literature, art, Greek and Latin, and many other related disciplines.

NSU bachelor's programmes are also available on our website. Just use the search, choose a speciality you are like and apply for free.