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Online education at Russian universities

Online education at Russian universities
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Restrictive measures pushed Russian universities to actively implement new educational platforms, distance learning and communication using video chats, instant messengers and social networks. Most educational centres successfully switched to online mode and launched distance adaptation programmes for freshmen. Due to closed borders, most of them were unable to come to Russia to start the academic year and experienced adaptation problems.

Today, educational processes have been successfully transferred to a distance format. Now not only lectures and seminars but also exams, internships and thesis defences are all held online. Many universities are considering the possibility of remotely handling all stages of the admission campaign for 2021. Below we will discuss what online solutions leading Russian universities have already implemented.

Far Eastern Federal Universitу (FEFU) now provides distance education for all programmes. Due to technical restrictions for students from China, the university allowed using WeChat with the usual MS Teams. Student buddies who have already completed distance learning in the spring-summer semester, now help international freshmen to adapt.

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University) has introduced its own solutions to organise the educational process. The new platform allowed to establish distance learning for students. Also, it made it possible to hold the International Distributed Physics Olympiad 2020 online with the participants from 41 countries.

The National Research Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod (Lobachevsky University) has a mixed educational process. Students have access to lectures via Zoom and e-guided MOODLE courses via the university website. Education materials are uploaded to cloud storage. This way, students outside Russia can fully access all programmes through online guided courses. In 2020, the university launched a new PREUNI online (Pre-university preparatory program) project to teach Russian as a foreign language and general education subjects remotely.

The National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University) was among the first to make the entire educational process digital. During the quarantine restrictions, the university completely switched to remote operation.

The university's admissions campaign in 2021 will also be online. Now, anyone who wants to enrol in a master's programme can schedule a consultation via Zoom. You can also apply for a free Study Tour Experience internship or take master's classes through the Class Experience project. Take a short test and learn which direction to study and what bachelor's or master's programmes will fit you best.

HSE University also announced four new master's programmes and two bachelor's programmes (Computer Science and Data Analysis and Design), implemented entirely online via the Coursera platform.

Novosibirsk National Research State University (NSU) has moved its entire educational process online. All students currently study via Zoom and Google Meet. Exams and Оpen door days were held remotely. International students seek help by contacting the support department, the curators of educational programmes, the dean's office or the international recruiting department. Now NSU is working on virtual student exchange with partner universities to continue the mobility programme.

Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University LETI (ETU LETI) established the new educational process with the help of several online services: Moodle, the LETIteach university platform, the Open Education national platform and Coursera, Stepic and Lectorium. Students also take online courses offered by the University's Center for New Educational Technologies and Distance Learning.

Lectures, excursions, expert sessions of international scientists are all held online now. In June 2020, the first online student exchange project was held by ETU LETI and Japanese universities. International academic mobility programmes, scientific and educational projects are carried out with educational organizations in Norway, Finland, France are also now fully digital. Furthermore, the university plans to create an online master's programme in partnership with universities in Italy.

At Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU), distance-learning takes place on the TIMS and Zoom platforms. To support the students of the preparatory department senior students are invited and tutor assistance is available. Also, much attention is paid to partner programmes with international universities. Over pandemic, the University has participated in over 20 exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

At the Siberian Federal University (SibFU), distance education is held via Zoom and Moodle platform. SFU actively uses services for webinars and video conferences, online simulators, corporate social network and electronic library.

The educational process at Tyumen State University (UTMN) is held in a mixed format, but foreign students, who could not come to Russia, study exclusively online. The schedule is posted daily on Modeus, information on attendance and student performance are also available here, as well as the opportunity to choose elective disciplines. Notifications about all changes in the system are sent to the corporate mail for both educators and students. You can read the news, participate in educational meetings, do homework and receive grades and stay up to date on all events without leaving your home.

At Tyumen State University, tutor support is there to solve any problems during the study process for all freshmen. There is an Association of Foreign Students and a department of support services and specialists who are always in touch and ready to advise and help.

Distance learning courses have been operating at South Ural State University (National Research University) for a long time. Now it is in great demand among international applicants. The SUSU Foreign Student Tutor project has been running for several years to help freshmen to adapt. Now the activities of tutors have been transferred to online mode as well.

2020 has shown the need for the active use of digital technologies in education. Like most international universities, Russian educational organisations were required to convert to a distance-learning format and help students and educators establish communication as soon as possible. The tutors and volunteers paid special attention to the freshmen. Use the convenient search on our website to choose an education programme. You can submit an unlimited number of applications to Russian universities. It's simple, free and direct!