PhDs in Russia

PhDs in Russia

Doctoral studies in Russia today can be obtained by international graduators with a Doctorate Degree or equivalent – PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in EU). Russian education system based on Bologna agreement, but still have some differences form it. One of the significant differences concerns the system of scientific degrees and levels of study. The EU countries have three degrees: Bachelor, Master, Doctor. Russia has 4 degree: Bachelor, Master, PhD, Doctor of Science.

The purpose of the Doctorate (PhD) is to carry out scientific research with its approbation, preparation of the dissertation, its defense in the dissertation council.

How to Get the Doctoral Degree, PhD Admissions to Doctoral Studies

Obtaining the doctoral degree in Russia (PhD in Russia) involves several conditions:

  • the availability of a PhD or its equivalent obtained in another country and recognized in the Russian Federation;

  • availability of research and development in the relevant field;

  • scientific and/or teaching experience for more than 5 years;

  • at least a year of service in the organization applying for training in doctoral studies;

  • defense of the thesis and transfer of materials to the Supreme Personnel Review Board;

  • the approval of a PhD degree by the Supreme Personnel Review Board with the issuance of a diploma.

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The doctorate is only full-time education form, duration – three years. Work on the thesis is held under the guidance of a scientific adviser. Before receiving the applicant at the Academic Council, his/her speech is heard, where the terms and planning of scientific work are covered, the relevance and novelty of the research are determined.

Enrolment documents list:

  • a statement with the consent to participate in the competitive selection;

  • a copy of the formal qualification;

  • a diploma with candidate of science (or equivalent) degree (copy);

  • list of published reference books and science works;

  • a citizenship certificate (passport or ID);

  • photos, questionnaire, autobiography.

The document list can differ, specify it at the university. All major Russian universities have postgraduate courses. Tuition free is USD1050 per year and over.

Some Russian universities within the Doctorate Internationalization project develop training programs in part or entirely in English, with further defense of scientific research and awarding the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD TSU) according to the international model.

The official website of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for foreign applicants contains more information about the doctoral programs and names of the subjects of the best educational institutions in Russia.


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