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Pushkin Institute: Opportunities to Learn Russian as a Foreign Language

Pushkin Institute: Opportunities to Learn Russian as a Foreign Language
© Pushkin Institute

If you are set to learn Russian, deepen your knowledge and prepare for the international TRKI/TORFL examination, consider the programmes offered by Pushkin Institute.

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute is a special education centre. It was founded under Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1966 as a research and methodological Russian language centre, and in 1974 it spun off to become an independent university. It is currently an information and analytical centre promoting the Russian language across the world. Another important objective is to make arrangements for Russian language tests (TRKI/TORFL) for foreigners who wish to confirm their language proficiency and get an international certificate. The TRKI/TORFL was launched in 1995; Pushkin Institute is a member of the test designing consortium which also includes Lomonosov Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University and Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

The university holds an international Russian language Olympiad. International learners of Russian are welcome to participate. Tryouts are held online; Moscow hosts the finals.

© Pushkin Institute

How to learn Russian as a foreigner

Pushkin Institute offers several options to learners of Russian.

If you wish to study the language at home:

  1. Online Russian language courses (free of charge)
  2. The online course is designed for foreigners at both the beginner and advanced levels. It provides an opportunity to learn the language on your own or under the guidance of an experienced tutor. The online course assignments and exercises include many visual and audio materials and texts. Online learners can:

    • take a Russian language proficiency test,

    • find out if they are ready to take the TRKI/TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language),

    • study grammar, vocabulary and culturological materials, and improve their pronunciation, reading, writing and listening comprehension.

    You can choose the programme here.​

    Pushkin Institute’s original interactive courses are designed for foreign nationals at A1 to C1 proficiency levels. These are video lessons where teachers read extracts from Russian fiction and analyse words and grammatical constructions. Most of the videos contain assignments to check your progress. The lessons help you to better understand spoken Russian, expand your vocabulary and learn a lot about Russian films, music and literature.

    You can choose the programme here.​

    © Pushkin Institute

  3. Online Russian language courses (self-funded)

You can learn Russian online with a tutor. Seven Level A1 to Level C2 online programmes are available. Classes are held on the “Education in Russian” portal for groups of two to six people or one-on-one with a tutor.

Fee for one-on-one training: 60,600 rubles ($930).

Fee for training in a group of two people: 33,800 rubles ($520),

Fee for a group of three: 24,600 rubles ($350),

fee for a group of six: 15,500 rubles ($240)

You can choose the programme here.

If you have time, you can come to Russia to study the Russian language:

Intensive Russian Language Russian courses (face-to-face)

Several programmes are available such as:

  • Practical Course in Russian as a Foreign Language (Levels A1 to C1). Length of study: one month to ten months.

  • Practical Course in Russian as a Foreign Language for School and Lyceum Pupils (Levels A1 to B1). Length of study: two weeks to four weeks.

Fee in 2019-2020: 25,000 rubles ($385) a month.

© Pushkin Institute

If you plan to take TRKI/TORFL:

Face-to-face course “Everyday Russian Communication” to prepare for the TRKI/TORFL certificate test.

The classes aim to prepare the learner for the TRKI/TORFL Level B1 or B2 certification test in the Russian language. Tuition fee: 14,000 rubles ($215) per month. Classes are held twice a week in the evening. Length of study: two to eight months.

If you want to improve your Russian and prepare for Russian university entrance examinations:

Pushkin Institute has the Preparatory Department like other Russian higher education centres. The following fields are available to prospective undergraduate/specialist students:

  1. humanities (includes a programme for prospective master’s students);

  2. economics;

  3. medicine and biology.

© Pushkin Institute

Choose the preferred field. Training: face-to-face; length of study: ten months. Classes begin in September – October. Tuition fee: 256,000 ($3,940) for the whole period of study.

After completing pre-university training, prospective students can apply for Russian medium degree programmes at any Russian university.

If you want to be a linguist or Russian language teacher:

You can get higher education in philology on undergraduate programmes (length of study: four years, tuition fee: 264,000 rubles ($4,060) a year) and graduate programmes (length of study: two years; tuition fee: 283,000 rubles ($4,350) a year.

Russian universities offer Russian language programmes of different levels. Find your fit.