Recognition of Russian Medical Degrees

Recognition of Russian Medical Degrees

Medicine is one of the most popular fields of study, foreign students often choose it. The Russian medical diploma confirms not only attendance of the lectures, but also practical experience obtained by the student in medical facilities. The medical education in Russia is based on the profound research and development foundation and the network of operating clinics, where all students get a mandatory training and the experience required for their medical specialization. 

After returning to their countries with their diploma or when planning to move to any country in the world, foreign graduates often face the issue of Russian medical degree recognition. Though the diploma was awarded in another country, it still can be confirmed, but the confirmation procedure depends on the particular country.

Stages of Medical Diploma Recognition

To use the diploma in your country, you have to complete several stages. The first stage is its legalization within the Russian Federation that authorizes you to present it in other countries. Then comes the nostrification or validation in the country of residence. No legalization is required if it is abolished by a treaty between such residence country and the Russian Federation or if the institution, where you present your diploma, requires no such legalization.

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Types of Russian Diploma Legalization

Council legalization of original documents includes two stages: first you will have to visit the Consulate Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior in Moscow and then – the consulate of the country of your destination. To submit the documents, you have to file a template request, your diploma, the identifying document of the applicant and receipts confirming payment of the council fee. All these documents can be submitted either personally or delegated to your friends or relatives, and the legalization procedure will take 5 business days.

Apostilization of the original copy of a diploma is available in any regional education department; such document is recognized by the member-countries of the Hague Convention 1961. You will need an application and the original diploma, which you can submit personally or through an attorney – in this case you are going to need a notarized Power of Attorney. The original diploma is apostilized in 45 days. Apostilization of a notarized copy is made in local departments of the Ministry of Justice; and it is valid in the member-countries of the Hague Convention 1961. To complete the procedure, you will need an application and a notarized copy of your diploma, which can be submitted personally, delegated to your friends or relatives or sent by mail. Document copies are apostilized in 3 business days.

Despite the bilateral treaty and participation in the Hague Convention, some countries can have additional requirements for Russian medical degree recognition. So, it is better to specify in advance, what kind of legalization you need for smooth diploma recognition in your country of residence.


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