Russian vs UK Education

Russian vs UK Education

Russia vs UK education system has many similarities and many essential differences as well. What are they?

Education Steps

In Russia the 1st level is preschool education, then there are primary and secondary schools. The finishing step is a higher education. Children come to school aged 6-7, with preliminary preparation included into the pre-school programme. Having finished the 9th year of learning one can apply to a college or to a technical secondary school to acquire profession, or do not leave school till the end of the 11th year and, having passed the unified state examination, to enter a higher education establishment based on its results.

In Great Britain, the following education steps exist: junior and secondary schools and higher education. The scholarhood starts when the children are five, with mandatory attending preparatory courses before. General education lasts until a child is 16, after that he/she can work but also may optionally stay at school for two more years for applying to a higher education institution.

Selection of Subjects

In Russia, certain number of hours is assigned at primary and secondary school for the subjects attended by everyone without exception. In schools specializing in humanities or mathematics the quantity of hours assigned to principal subjects may be larger. In the upper school there are some optional disciplines to be selected.

In Great Britain, the list of the mandatory subjects is not long and includes mathematics, English, music, etc. All other subjects may be selected as optional ones by a pupil according to his/her interests and plans as early as secondary school.

As regards selection of subjects to be learnt, considering comparison of Russian and British education, the latter provides more flexible conditions as early as at school for acquiring knowledge that will be required in the future.

More Information

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School Uniform

In Russia, the decision on mandatory wearing of a school uniform and on the outward appearance thereof is made individually by each educational institution.

In Great Britain, uniform is mandatory in most of public and private schools. In several educational institutions with great history a uniform is a symbol, which must be treated by pupils with respect and care.

Higher Education

There are two semesters at Russian academic year in a higher education body and the short New Year vacations and long summer ones. Each of them is completed by an examination session.

In Great Britain, there are 3 periods with New Year, spring and summer vacations.

At their highest step, there is no large disparities between the Russian and English systems of education as education in both countries is based on the Bologna declaration signed in Europe.


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