Should I Study Russian or Arabic?

Should I Study Russian or Arabic?

What language to choose: Russian or Arabic? When you’re going to get education abroad, you can start from the advantages that one of these languages ​​gives.

Study Russian or Arabic process is interesting itself and it makes you feel culture and history depth of the chosen country. But for prospective student language is not only one more discipline, but also the hint to explore new education opportunity.

  1. Arabic

A choice of studying Arabic can be based on pragmatic and cultural reasons, such as:

  • Arabic is the fifth largest bearer in the world, one of the official languages of the United Nations;
  • The Middle East is an attractive economic region: many public companies hire employees with knowledge of Arabic for establishing business relations;
  • Knowledge of Arabic will allow you to explore the culture of the Middle East countries in detail;
  • This will help to find the approach to potential partners in the market or touch the world historical heritage.

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  1. Russian

Studying Russian is popular all over the world. All the leading universities in Russia provide short and long-term language courses. You can check our webs for summer schools, pre-bachelor’s or pre-master’s course and find Preparatory Courses (besides Russian there study math, science or humanitarian fields).

Here are some reasons why you should study Russian:

  • this is the one of ten most widely spoken languages in the world – it is spoken by 260 million people;
  • study in Russia requires good Russian language skills, it is necessary to communicate with others and study subjects, undergo training courses, work at term and graduation papers;
  • Russian is one of the six UN languages;
  • knowledge of Russian will allow to study the cultural peculiarities and to read in the original many classic works of literature, popular around the world;
  • the Russian language is very useful not only in Russia but also in many foreign companies cooperating with Russia in various economic and industrial sectors.
You should make a decision taking into account your future plans. It will help to build a career and to achieve success in the chosen industry. More information on learning Russian you can find here


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